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Treatment Options for Methamphetamines in Australia

Treatment Options for Methamphetamines in Australia

Are you looking for treatment options for methamphetamines in Australia – either for yourself or for a loved one? If you are, please read on.

Abuse of stimulant drugs like methamphetamines is a huge problem in Australia at the moment. It is now the most common reason for why people end up seeking addiction help (source: ABC News). Amphetamine-type drugs have overtaken heroin as the biggest danger to society, but the treatment options for methamphetamines in Australia are woefully limited.

There are a number of reasons for why methamphetamines has become so popular in Australia. It tends to be the purest form of the drug (known as ‘crystal meth) that is being abused the most. Over the last ten years, the heroin supply has fallen dramatically due to events overseas such as a clampdown in Afghanistan. Stimulant drugs are much easier to obtain, and it is usually much cheaper as well. This helps to explain why Australia now has the highest rates for methamphetamine abuse in the world (source: National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund).

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Treatment options for Methamphetamines in Australia

Assessing the Treatment Options for Methamphetamines in Australia

Australia does not have the resources in place for dealing with the methamphetamine epidemic. The situation is so severe that Prime Minster Tony Abbott has gone so far as to declare that the war on drugs cannot be won (source: Herald Sun). Not only is there a struggle to control this epidemic, there is also a failure to provide adequate treatment options for methamphetamines in Australia.

The majority of our clients here at Hope Rehab Center come from Australia, and an increasing number of them have been suffering due to methamphetamine dependence. These are people who just couldn’t get the help they needed in their home country. Australia has become overly dependent on the pharmaceutical/psychiatric option for treating substance abuse, but this approach is ineffective when it comes to dealing with stimulant dependence.

Stimulant drug abuse leads to both physical and psychological damage, and users end up facing issues that are unique to this type of substance use. It is vital that any treatment is tailored specifically for the needs of the person with a methamphetamine problem. The reason these individuals usually fail to recover in a psychiatric setting (which is often what you get in Australia) is they just aren’t getting the resources they needed to take control of their life.

The current treatment options for methamphetamines in Australia are inadequate, and this means those who feel ready to stop aren’t getting the support they need to take this step. It is this failure to provide adequate resources that is driving many people to travel to Thailand for help.

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Treatment options for Methamphetamines in Australia

Methamphetamine Treatment Options in Thailand

The lack of suitable treatment options for amphetamines in Australia does not mean your situation is hopeless. You have the option of travelling abroad for help, and we have the resources you need here in Thailand.

By choosing Hope Rehab Center, you or your loved one will be joining a treatment program specifically designed around methamphetamine addiction. We usually find our clients do well with a mix of personal one-to-one therapy, relapse prevention workshops, cognitive behaviour therapy, and group work, but the program you will follow will be individualised around your exact needs. We also teach our clients to use approaches like mindfulness and physical activities to regain control over their life.

It is likely you have experienced a great deal of mental suffering due to your methamphetamine abuse. We provide the perfect therapeutic environment where you can begin to heal. Hope Rehab Center is in Sri Racha which is right beside the sea. Our clients enjoy a high level of luxury, but the emphasis is on providing you with a welcoming and supportive environment – we treat you like one of the family. We also make sure you get to experience the beauty of this part of Thailand and enjoy plenty of cultural activities.

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Treatment options for Methamphetamines in Australia