Treatment centres in Thailand are all part of the Health tourism boom: Dental tourism, Cosmetic surgery and now Rehabs tourism has finally arrived in Thailand.

In recent years Thailand Rehabs have become a realistic and common alternative to western based facilities. Operating costs in Thailand are obviously lower. It costs less than third compared to Australian, Europe, and American based treatment centers.

Hope Rehab is based on the coast in Sriracha – Because of its commercial ports it has been ignored by tourism – a blessing for clients and the staff. It is perched on the hill over looking the ships moving in and out of the ‘Port of Siam’.

Treatment Centres in Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

An ore inspiring sight for our clients, relaxing on the terrace, watching the sun set over the sea in the evenings.

We named our part of the coast here “the Monte Carlo of Thailand” however because of the many wild monkeys swinging around in the trees a client renamed it “Monkey Carlo”

This authentic Thai environment we live in is a gentle and spiritual authentic place.

Treatment Centres in Thailand

Simon Mott’s partner and cofounder Alon, is a traditional Thai Girl, she was brought up on a diet of rice and Buddhism, mediation and chanting. It seems to be part of Thai genetic make up and enhances their lives and society immeasurably.

Thai culture and spirituality is perfect for our clients, much of the solution to addiction is best described as spiritual so Thailand is the ideal place for recovery to begin.

It is no secret that we treat royalty and celebrities, some who have been very public about this. However Alcoholism and addiction is a great leveler and my job is to help people no matter who they are. Truth is seeing anyone as special or different would not help them anyway.

Thinking about it, there can be more challenging clients, such as, Doctors, fighter pilots, SAS men, big business men, high achievers from all walks of life.

Treatment Centres in Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

So getting a doctor to be a patient, or a commando to surrender, a pilot to let go of the controls – is not an easy task.

Simon Mott says everyday he wakes up in paradise  “I’m grateful for that. I look down from my window at the huge DC-3 passenger aircraft in my garden, and across the Gulf of Thailand at the ships coming and going from the harbor. I am truly blessed to be doing this Job.