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How Spa Treatments and Massage Can Help You Recover from Addiction Spa therapy and Thai massage therapy are used to help our clients with their addiction treatment, and at the same time provide them with a bit of pampering to make their stay at Hope Rehab Center all the more enjoyable. However this is not the only reason we offer Thai massage. Nuad Thai (as it is called here in Thailand) is also an effective therapy that eases any lingering withdrawal symptoms, increases energy levels, releases deep stress, and promotes relaxation, this is why spa treatments and massage can help with addiction treatment.

The Origins of Thai Massage

Nuad Thai has been used as a medical treatment in Thailand for centuries. It is believed to have been invented in India around 600 BC by the personal physician of the Buddha – his name WasJivaka Kumar Bhaccha. Thai massage is closely linked with the traditional postures of yoga – in fact; it is often referred to as Thai yoga massage. The practice arrived in Thailand at the same time as Buddhism, and it was incorporated as a key ingredient of local medicine this is also why spa treatments and massage helps with addiction. Thai massage has not only been influenced by Indian Ayurvedic medicine but also Chinese medicine. The treatment is based on the idea that ill-health occurs due to blockages in energy lines (called ‘sen’ lines) that run through the body. It is the goal of the therapist to massage and manipulate the body in order to release this energy. Once the energy is free to move again, the body returns to balance, and this is what it means to be in good health, adding more reasons why spa treatments and massage in Thailand can help with addiction treatment. Nuad Thai remains popular in Thailand despite the availability of western medicine, and thousands of foreign visitors come here every year to study it. There is a high demand for this therapy around the world, and this interest appears to be growing. Wat Pho in Bangkok is one of the oldest schools of Thai massage, and it continues to a key centre for this discipline right up to today.

Addiction and Blocked Stress

Many of us turn to alcohol or drugs initially as a way to deal with what can feel like an overwhelming amount of stress in our lives. Using these mind-altering chemicals won’t solve your problems, but they will numb your emotions temporarily. The stress is still there waiting for you when you are sober again along with the consequences of substance abuse. Nuad Thai practitioners believe that all that stress the people try to hide from using drugs is pushed down deep inside the body. This undesirable energy creates tension, and it prevents energy from moving along its normal path. These blockages can lead to physical as well as mental health problems. Spa treatments and massage is said to be effective at releasing this built-up tension in the body, and it can assist in the healing process following addiction.

Thai Massage for Insomnia

It is fairly common for people in early recovery to have to deal with insomnia. If you have been drinking or using drugs on a regular basis, your body may have forgotten how to go to sleep naturally. Insomnia can make life miserable. In fact, most of the unpleasant symptoms associated with post-acute withdrawal syndrome (e.g. fuzzy thinking, difficulty concentrating, and lack of energy) are actually symptoms of lack of sleep. This is another reason why spa treatments and massage at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand can help with addiction treatment. Thai massage is an effective treatment for promoting sleep. It releases all the tension and discomforts in your body that may have been preventing you from fully relaxing. This technique also has a calming effect on your mind, so your thoughts slow down and feel less intrusive. By having regular Thai massage therapy during your stay at Hope Rehab Center Thailand, it is going to help you re-establish a healthy sleeping pattern.

Thai Massage for Lingering Withdrawal Symptoms

It is possible that after the acute withdrawal stage of giving up alcohol or drugs that you will continue to suffering some lingering effects. This can include mental as well as physical symptoms. Thai massage is going to be effective at easing discomfort in your body, and you are likely to feel mentally energised afterwards.

General Health Benefits of Thai Massage

Nuad Thai is a particularly good treatment for anyone in early recovery, but there are also plenty of general health benefits such as:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved range of motions
  • Release of muscle tension

What to Expect with Spa Treatments and Massage at Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The average Nuad Thai session lasts about sixty minutes. The session usually begins with you lying on your back on floor. It is important that you wear loose and light clothing so you can remain comfortable throughout the session. You need to avoid eating a large meal during the two hours before your massage. During the first few minutes, the therapist will gently stretch your body into different positions, and these stretches will become more intense once you have warmed up. The fact that you are being guided into these positions makes it feel like a type of effortless-yoga. There will also be pressure placed on certain points on specific points in the body in order to release any trapped energy. The Thai massage therapist is going to be busy moving your body into different positions but despite all of this activity, it can still be incredibly relaxing.  It is usually best not to plan anything too strenuous directly after a Thai massage session. You can expect your mind to be energised and your body to feel lighter. Don’t be surprised if aches and pains that have bothered you for years just disappear. If you have any type of physical ailment, or you have a problem with blood clotting, it is important to speak to a doctor before commencing the spa treatments and massage here at Hope Rehab Center Thailand.