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Sharing Your Life Story in Rehab

Sharing Your Life Story in Rehab

Sharing Your Life Story in Rehab can be daunting, it can be scary, however once done, it can be a relief also.

Will I be enough, or shame for what I have or haven’t done?

This is all perfectly normal, as addicts we are more used to lying, covering up and dismissing our difficult pasts, or hiding from the good start to life we may of had.

The purpose of life story? It is for your peers to get to know you better, also a chance to be heard and to open up to a group of people in a safe space. This is an opportunity to share part of yourself and your life history with your peers.

It is also a Biographical Timeline

A timeline is a visual account of your history. It gives an overview in chronological order of your substance-use, progression and highlights or significant life-events. It helps us see the bigger picture. Plot your timeline using these headings, family, moves, education, personal events, jobs, with keywords and bullet points.

Facilitator hints

Start with a minute’s silence to get centred into the space

Welcome the sharer and explain to group the life story format. This is a fellow group member sharing their life story. They will speak for 20-30 minutes and then there will be an opportunity for feedback from the group.

Please keep this a safe place for people to share; what is shared tonight stays here. Don’t assume that the sharer will want to talk about this after group or tomorrow. If there’s anything you want to discuss, please check with the sharer for permission. Don’t talk about it amongst each other, keep this a safe place for all.

The Power of the Group

Hope Rehab Life Story Guidelines

Your life story is an opportunity to share your life history with your peers – NO WAR STORIES

Life story is not a drinking/ using CV

When writing your life story, look back over your life, similar to a timeline with life events. What were the big events

Look at past events, family dynamics, childhood home life, your happiest and saddest memories, a little about your addiction, what got you here, your time here so far, etc

Please limit your story to 20-30 minutes and allow time for group feedback.

Feedback guidelines (facilitator to announce after the share):

This is a chance for you to share back to your peer

This is not a therapy process group and not a time to challenge your peer

Please speak from the heart, what did you relate to, what touched you, is there anything you would like your peer to know?