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Rehabs in Thailand over the last decade have become a popular alternative to Australian, European, South African and American based treatment centers.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand is located on the coast about 50 minutes drive from the main Airport which is great for clients after a long and exhausting flight, making us the most accessible of all the Rehabs in Thailand. There are also a couple of Rehabs in the north of Thailand involving an internal flight from Bangkok, and there is one more over 4 hours drive away from the airport situated on an on an Island. Apart from these Rehabs there is another one in the centre of Thailand’s busy and polluted metropolis Bangkok. Rehabs in Thailand are Popular and Luxurious.

“My names James, I am a previous client at Hope rehab centre. My experience there was that of a homely, family atmosphere coupled with experienced staff that I found approachable on both a personal & professional basis. After battling with addiction for 20 yrs, and multiple failed rehabs, the structure at ‘Hope’ was certainly different to any previous experience at rehab, and certainly a factor in my recovery process along with many other differences that make hope such a special place in my opinion”

Alcohol Rehabs in Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The licensing authority of Thailand is well managed which helps keep up good standards. Simon Mott the founder of Hope Rehab Center Thailand has provided rehabilitation services here for the last 4 years and has built up a worldwide reputation.

Thailand is a special place to come for treatment, why?

One benefit of coming to Thailand for Rehab is that your motivation is increased with the stimulation you get from staying on the coast and enjoying the local food and culture.

Cost is also an important factor when considering Rehabs in Thailand, operating costs here are obviously lower than in the west so we are able to pass the savings on to clients. It costs approx $1000 per day for treatment in the USA compared with about a quarter in Thailand.

Cat Marnell, the journalist who is well known for her writing on addiction and going to Rehab, coined the phrase “Destination Rehab” after coming to Thailand and working with Simon Mott, the founder of Hope Rehab.

“My thirty days in Thailand in treatment working with Simon as my counsellor and the team was incredible: a bright star-month of hope, healing, and happiness against the backdrop of a dark, stormy sky of a drug-addicted life in New York City. Not only did it cost much less, the treatment and experience was overwhelmingly more effective and interesting and special. I received incredibly intelligent addiction therapy, both one-on-one with my counsellor, Simon, and in the group sessions, that were compelling, powerful, and educational”

Hope Rehab Center’s facility is a special and secure environment overlooking the Port of Siam with an incredible sea view, set in beautiful grounds with surrounding jungle and mature trees. Take a look

In addition to these points the recovery process is a special journey and enhanced by coming to Thailand by the spiritual nature of the country, at Hope Rehab Center some of our excursions involve temples that can be enjoyed regardless of your individual faith.

Rehabs in Thailand

Alcohol Rehabs in Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Rehabs in Thailand

What makes Hope Rehab Center Thailand stand out from other Rehabs in Thailand is, the Semi structured afternoons that leaves open-time for the clients who are given freedom to experience and learn about themselves and sober-life with the support of their personal sober-coach. Not being restricted to campus means you go outside and truly experience life in recovery. You will develop revived hopes, goals and dreams, and have support to learn how to deal with any challenges that arise in the future.  Take a look at our program and what we treat and to book a place for you a loved one or friend, contact us now.

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