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Rehabs in Portsmouth
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Why You Might be Looking for Rehabs in Portsmouth

Rehabs in Portsmouth are still needed even after this statement. The news that far fewer people are getting drunk in public in Portsmouth is certainly encouraging, but it would be a mistake to assume this means substance abuse has become less of a problem in the city. The reality is that there are still plenty of us suffering due to alcohol or drug abuse, and the options for escaping this situation locally are limited.

If you (or your partner, your child, or your friend) have reached a point where you feel ready to escape addiction, it is vital that you turn this motivation into action right away. If you delay too long, this willingness to change could be lost – it is just too easy to slip back into the denial of addiction. A quality inpatient rehab program offers the best chance of recovery because:

  • It means you are protected from the usual stresses and triggers during the delicate early stage of recovery
  • You will be in an environment that encourages change
  • You will be surrounded by people who understand addiction and the problems you will be facing at this stage of your journey
  • This type of program provides all the resources and tools you need to change
  • It means you will be able to put all of your attention on getting better – this is often what is needed
  • You will be able to detox in a safe and supportive environment
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Rehabs in Portsmouth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Addiction Treatment and Rehabs in Portsmouth

If you have decided to get help with your addiction problems, there are some options in Portsmouth area including:

It is also a good idea to speak to your GP about your problems with alcohol and drugs.

There are some rehab options in the Hampshire area such as The Manor Clinic in Southampton. This is an expensive option with inpatient rehab costing around £2850 per week. It is getting much harder now to qualify for government funded rehab, and even if you do qualify, you may be faced with a long waiting list.

People certainly do manage to break free of addiction using local services – an encouraging example of this was recently featured in The Portsmouth News – but if you are serious about breaking free of addiction, you may want to consider your options further afield.

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Rehabs in Portsmouth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

An Alternative to Rehabs in Portsmouth – Hope Rehab Thailand

Travelling to rehab in Thailand might at first sound a bit ambitious, but going abroad for rehab is becoming more common, and this is probably going to be a viable option for you. For one thing, it can be much cheaper than rehabs in Portsmouth. There are also some other compelling reasons for why you might want to choose Hope Rehab Thailand. Our international standard program gets results. We offer a range of evidenced-based approaches including CBT, mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, and 12 step work. Our facility is in a beautiful part of Thailand, right beside the sea, and you will have an opportunity to explore the local area during your stay.

Please have a look around our website and then contact us so we can have a chat about your needs

Rehabs in Portsmouth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand By Paul G

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