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Rehabs in Oxford
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Are You Looking for Rehabs in Oxfordshire?

If you are searching for addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one in the Oxfordshire area, you may be disappointed to find that there is not really that many options – especially if you need affordable inpatient treatment. The good news is there is almost certainly an effective path to recovery that will work for you if you are willing to consider options further afield.

Types of Drug Abuse Problems People Develop in Oxfordshire

Oxford is sometimes referred to as a ‘town and gown’ city. People in other countries will mostly associate it with the universities, but there is also a bustling modern city with suburban areas such as:

  • Headington
  • Cowley
  • Blackbird Leys
  • Summertown
  • Wolvercote
  • Jericho
  • Iffley
  • Rose Hill
  • Osney
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Rehabs in Oxford – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The fact that Oxford is such a diverse place also has an impact on the type of drugs that people will abuse here.

Reports of Oxford students abusing recreational drugs is nothing new, but in recent years we have witnessed an increase in concern over a new type of substance abuse involving ‘smart drugs’. This can include prescription medication such as Modafinil that students believe can help them study better. The abuse of these substances can lead to serious consequences which can ultimately mean the person requires treatment for addiction.

The most widely abused psychoactive drug in Oxford is undoubtedly alcohol, but people here also regularly develop problems with substances such as cocaine, heroin, ketamine, cannabis, ecstasy, and amphetamine. These illegal substances are relatively easy to get in Oxford because there is a highly sophisticated network of drug gangs. Prescription drug addiction is also becoming a huge concern, and this can be harder to tackle because there is far more denial surrounding this type of substance abuse.

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Rehabs in Oxford – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Rehabs in Oxford

If you do a search online for ‘rehabs in Oxford’, you are going to be rewarded with lots of results. The problem is that many of these links will not belong to actual rehabs but to ‘middlemen’ who receive a commission if you allow them to arrange rehab somewhere for you – a service you probably don’t need even though it is made to sound as if you do.

The number of rehab facilities actually in Oxfordshire is small. Private options like the Bayberry Clinic are expensive, and there has been a rapid decline in NHS funded rehab. There are interesting projects like the Ley Community, but this is unlikely to be an option that is going to work for everyone. It is easy to understand if you are currently desperate for help in Oxford but unable to find something suitable.

Alternative to Rehabs in Oxford

It is almost certainly going to be cheaper for you to travel to Hope Rehab Thailand than for you to enter a private programme in the Oxfordshire area. Even if you can afford to invest a lot of money for treatment, it is still worth considering what we have to offer as our approach gets results. Here at Hope, we focus on individualised care and a programme that makes use of the best evidence-based approaches available.

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Rehabs in Oxford – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

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