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Rehabs in New Zealand

Rehabs in New Zealand

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Having Trouble Finding Suitable Drug Rehabs in New Zealand?

The fact that you are reading this suggests that you already appreciate the importance of finding a suitable treatment center where you can get the help you need to transform your life. A couple of years ago, the Ministry of Health acknowledged there to be a serious shortage of beds in rehabs in New Zealand (source: Ministry of Justice), and this situation may make finding something suitable hard. We would like to suggest that if you are having trouble finding a treatment center at home, you consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand.

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New Zealand has one of the highest rates of drug abuse in the world (source: NZ Drug Foundation). The most commonly abused substances include alcohol, cannabis, opiates (e.g. heroin), prescription drugs, and stimulants. In recent years, there has been particular concern about the rise in the number of people abusing methamphetamine (ice) – this stimulant is often considered a ‘club drug’, and the effects of abusing it can be devastating. The World Drug Report (2011) found that 2.1 per cent of New Zealanders (aged 16 to 64) have used methamphetamine – the percentage of users injecting this drug rose from 40 per cent to 50 per cent between 2006 and 2009.

Hope has an influx of Antipodean clients in November and December. The rehab receives about 20 enquiries from New Zealanders a month, and has this year hosted two or three Kiwi clients a month – 10 men and five women.

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So what is the situation like for New Zealanders looking for addiction help? There are options in the major cities such as:

Rehabs in New Zealand – Auckland

Illegal drugs tend to be cheaper in Auckland than other parts of New Zealand – especially methamphetamine (locally known as ‘P’) and ecstasy. A lot of these substances are produced locally, and this means there is high availability to cater for the high demand for these drugs.

There are some viable addiction treatment services in Auckland such as Odyssey, Capri, Higher Ground, and The Retreat (private facility), but there are still people struggling to find the help they need.

Rehabs in New Zealand – Christchurch

Illegal drugs are not as easy to obtain in Christchurch as they are in Auckland, and this has led to a dangerous situation where many people are willing to ‘take whatever they can get’ (source: New Zealand Herald). There is also a noticeable shortage of treatment options in the city for those who wish to escape addiction. Local facilities include Odyssey House and Nova Trust.

Rehabs in New Zealand – Wellington

Substance abuse is a significant problem in Wellington, and there has been a worrying increase in the number of young teens engaging in this type of behaviour. Organisations such as CareNZ are doing good work to tackle addiction here, but there are still too many people who are willing to quit but can’t find the appropriate resources to help them do this.

An Alternative to Rehabs in New Zealand

If you are unable to find a suitable rehab in New Zealand, there are still other options open to you. These days it is not such a big deal to travel abroad for this type of help, and there are some compelling reasons (please check 50 good reasons to choose Hope Rehab Thailand here) for why you might want to do this. If this is an option you are willing to consider, have a look at our website, give us a call, or shoot us an email. You might also want to check out the in-depth report on New Zealanders going abroad for addiction help on

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