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Rehabs in Manchester, UK
Barton Arcade St Anns Square Manchester UK
St Ann’s Square Manchester by Frank Anthony Carman (Wikimedia Commons)

Having Difficulty Finding an Addiction Treatment Services in the Manchester Area?

Rehabs in Manchester are hard to find so If you are struggling to find suitable addiction treatment for you or your loved one in the Manchester area, it is not hard to understand why this may be the case. Despite the city having the highest death rate for drug use in the UK (source: Mancunian Matters), there is a serious lack of resources to deal with problems that arise due to substance abuse. The demise of NHS addiction services a few years ago in Manchester and Darlington is further evidence that we can no longer rely on the authorities to provide help for those of us who want to embrace recovery.

There are some charities and private initiatives aimed at providing the sorely needed services for alcoholics and drug users in the Manchester area. This would include:

  • Turning Point
  • The Shardale Therapeutic Community
  • Addiction Dependency Solutions
  • Acorn Recovery Projects
Hope Rehab Thailand Beach
Rehabs in Manchester – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

All of these programs offer good quality treatment, but they are relatively small, and there are just too many people in Manchester who are not getting the help they need. There are also other options alternative to finding Rehabs in Manchester, such as:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • SMART Recovery

The lack of addiction recovery options in Manchester and a lack of rehabs in manchester means that even if you are lucky enough to qualify for a program (the criteria for admittance keeps on getting tougher in an attempt to ration resources), you may be faced with a long waiting list. Unfortunately, there is no treatment center programme that is going to work for everyone, but the limited options in the Manchester area may mean you have little choice about where you end up.

You will of course have more options other than only rehabs in manchester if you can afford to pay a lot of money for a private treatment rehab facility. The reality is that these places can be incredibly expensive (some charge £30,000 or more for a four week program), and you may be faced with further costs when you return home (e.g. aftercare therapy sessions can cost as much as £150 an hour). It’s a lot of money, and this is why so many people are now choosing to go abroad for the help they need.

Take a look at some photos of Hope Rehab…

If You Have Run Out of Options for Rehabs in Manchester, Go to Thailand

Travelling to Thailand for addiction treatment might not be something you have considered before, but it is coming increasingly common solution for people in the UK and elsewhere. We can provide you with high quality treatment that gets results for a faction of the cost of private rehab at home. Our founder, Simon Mott, is English and most or our team have worked and trained back in the UK.

Even if there were plenty of options for you back in Manchester, there are still some good reasons for why you might want to choose Hope Rehab Thailand. We have developed a reputation for excellence as an international treatment center, and our program includes evidence based approaches including CBT, mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, and 12 step work. We also offer treatments such as mahasati meditation (particularly good for people in early recovery), Muay Thai training, and Thai massage that are unique to Thailand.

Hope treatment center is situated high on a hill overlooking the Port of Siam in a quiet residential area, well away from tourist areas. Our clients come from many different countries and backgrounds, yet we all manage to get along really well.

The price is also a benefit, we cost about a third less than UK or USA treatment centres and you get more for your money anyway, so don’t delay, give us a call.

Hope Rehab Thailand Beach
Rehabs in Manchester – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

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