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Rehabs in Birmingham, UK
Centenary Square - Birmingham - UK
Centenary Square, Birmingham (Wikimedia Commons)

Are You Having Trouble Finding a Suitable Rehabs in Birmingham?

Rehabs in Birmingham, UK are now located in Thailand

Rehabs in Birmingham, UK: We regularly accept clients here at Hope Rehab from cities in England such as Birmingham. The most common explanation for why these people feel compelled to come to us is they are just not able to find what they need at home. It is easy to understand why this is the case, despite a worrying increase in the number of people dealing with substance abuse issues in Birmingham, there has been a steady decline in the services available for addiction treatment.

Birmingham City Council has cut the amount of money spent on addiction recovery services by £7 million a year since 2013 (source: The Lancet – Addiction services in England: in need of an intervention). This means that if you don’t have the financial resources to spend on private treatment, you may struggle when it comes to getting appropriate help. An inpatient rehabilitation program offers you the best chance of success (for some people it may be the only chance of success), but it is getting much harder to qualify for an NHS funded bed, and there can be a long waiting list. This means there are now lots of people in Birmingham who are desperate to quit drugs and alcohol but are not getting the help they need to do this.

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Rehabs in Birmingham – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Rehabs in Birmingham, UK

The Woodbourne Priory is the most well-known private rehab in the West Midlands but this program is expensive. There is also New Leaf Recovery Project and Changes UK (Digbeth). Even the private rehabs have a limited amount of beds, so you may have to wait even if you have the money to pay.

If you limit your addiction treatment center options to the West Midlands, you may not have much choice when it comes to the type of program you enter. This is problematic because rehabs differ in what they have to offer, and your best chance of recovery is to find a program that is best suited for your needs. Ideally, you want a program that focuses on individualized care (i.e. the program you follow is based around your exact needs) where there are a number of different evidenced-based approaches incorporated into the program.

Are You Ready to Look Further Afield than Rehabs in Birmingham, UK?

Choosing an appropriate treatment program can make a huge difference to your success in early recovery. By combining your full commitment with the right resources, you will find the process of transformation becomes almost unstoppable. It is well worth considering alternatives to rehabs in Birmingham if this can give you a better chance at recovery.

Our clients are usually surprised to find that it is much cheaper to travel here to Thailand for rehab treatment than it is to go private at home – it can still be one-third of the cost even after you figure in flights and other expenses.

Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we provide an international quality program that includes a number of approaches including:

We have a reputation for getting results, and our small community is located in a tropical paradise right beside the sea.

Rehabs in Birmingham, UK

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Rehabs in Birmingham – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

If you are not convinced rehabs in Birmingham have what you need, please contact us now to discover what we have to offer you.

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