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Drug Rehab in Australia is first Admitting that you need help for your addiction problem is a monumental step, and it usually takes a great deal of pain to get to this point. This realisation as to your obvious disadvantage in regards to controlling your substance use can give you the motivation to change, but it is important that you capitalise on this understanding quickly – otherwise a precious opportunity can be lost as you fall back into the denial. The next best step might be to find a suitable drug rehab in Australia where you can find the help you need, but this is often easier said than done.


Drug Rehab in Australia – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Obstacles to Finding a Suitable Drug Rehab in Australia

It is now pretty obvious that there is no one approach to addiction recovery that works for everyone. This is why the goal of treatment is for you to pick up the tools you need to build a better life. You are a unique individual and your recovery toolbox is going to have to reflect this. This is why it is so important when looking for a drug rehab in Australia that you carefully assess if this program is capable of providing what you need.

Drug Rehab in Australia differ in their philosophy and approach, and it is important to keep this in mind when you go looking for a treatment center. There tends to be an overemphasis of the psychiatric model in Australia where people with addiction can be treated alongside those with severe mental health problems. This approach does not work for everyone and too often it involves moving from addiction to drugs and alcohol to dependence on prescription medication (e.g. swapping heroin for methadone).

The other issue limiting your choice of drug rehab in Australia is availability. The number of people seeking help in the big cities like Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne has risen dramatically in recent years, and the rehab facilities are struggling to cope. This means that many treatment centers have long waiting lists, and obviously this limits your ability to choose something appropriate. There are some exclusive luxury rehabs in Australia which always seem to have space but these are way outside the budget of most of us.

Drug Rehab in Australia


Drug Rehab in Australia – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

My story – by Jason from Perth

From Meth addiction to international recovery

“Growing up in Perth my childhood started off happily.Up til the age of 18, graduation year, I had a normal, fun, happy childhood. In 2005 I was introduced to crystal meth. I never touched heroin because of all the horror stories I heard as a young boy in the mid to late 90’s. 

One day an acquaintance offered me a large amount of pure methamphetamine at a cheap rate. I grabbed the opportunity. I was tired of struggling to pay for my drugs so I became the addict turned drug dealer.I lost friends, friends who didn’t want to stick around while I destroyed myself, friends who I pushed away because of their concern for me. Over time my friends who I loved and cared for were replaced by fellow addicts, people pretending to be my friend to get to the drugs. Over the last few years I lost friends to drug related violence, overdoses and suicide, never occurring to me that I could be next. Such is the drugs power to instill a false sense of invincibility.

I found Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand. Thanks to my mum, I was able to be treated at this wonderful place for 3 months. A place that gave me a sense of safety I hadn’t felt in years. A place free of judgement, only understanding and the place where I found myself again. The person I am today without drugs. I will never be able to thank Hope and the team enough, my Mum has her son back and I have my life back, I am 1 year clean and back at work. I would not trade the worse day of recovery for the best day of my using. Jason”


Drug Rehab in Australia – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

What If You Can’t Find a Suitable Drug Rehab in Australia?

If you are unable to find the help you need to break free of addiction, the likelihood is that you will eventually lose your current motivation to change your life. You may resign yourself to the hopeless thought that ‘things will never get any better’ and endure your escalating suffering with an attitude of inevitability. It would be a horrible shame and waste if this is the path you take, and it certainly doesn’t have to be this way.

If you don’t find the right drug rehab in Australia, we want you to consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. Our program is backed by evidence-based treatments such as CBT and mindfulness as well as other elements that are unique and innovative to us. Most of all, we will treat you like the valued individual that you are.

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Drug Rehab in Australia by Simon