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Weighing Up Your Alcohol Treatment Australia Options

Alcohol Treatment Australia is realising alcohol isn’t the magic panacea we once believed it to be is a step forward, but if you are already addicted, this knowledge probably isn’t going to be enough to guarantee your freedom. Recovery from addiction can be incredibly hard unless you have access to the right support and resources – e.g. by entering a residential treatment center, you greatly increase your likelihood of achieving long-term recovery.

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Alcohol Treatment Australia

If you have already been struggling to quit drinking on your own, when offered Alcohol Treatment Australia you may not need much convincing about the need to get some help. So what are your options in regards to alcohol treatment in Australia? Clients who come to us from your part of the world tell us that the rehabilitation options there for drugs and alcohol aren’t that great. The general rehab facilities in urban areas such as Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne are struggling to keep up with the demand, and the private rehabs are only really an option for people with a lot of money (e.g. The Sanctuary in Byron Bay charges as much as AUS $65,000).

One of the more worrying claims we have heard from our Australian clients is that the options for alcohol treatment in Australia just weren’t serving their needs. There seems to be an overemphasis on the psychiatric/pharmaceutical approach, and the evidence suggests this just doesn’t work for lots of people. We’ve heard some horrifying stories of people who went looking for help with a drinking problem only to being prescribed a new drug that they then became hooked on as well as the alcohol.

Obviously, we would like you to come and stay with us here at Hope Rehab Thailand, but the only important thing is you get the help you need. Our team is made up of people who overcame their own addiction problems, and we are always delighted to hear about anyone who overcomes this type of problem with or without our help. If you find an appropriate alcohol treatment program in Australia, that’s fantastic, but if you can’t, we want you to consider coming to us here in Thailand.

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Alcohol Treatment Australia – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

A Viable Alternative to Alcohol Treatment in Australia

It would be a travesty if you were to lose your one chance for a better life due to the lack of suitable alcohol treatment in Australia. Our own experience with addiction tells us that there is no telling how long your current motivation to change will last – if this desire to change loses steam, there is not guarantee it will come back. We urge you to act as if this is your last chance so you can get the help you need, and if you can’t get this help in Australia, come to us here in Thailand.

The therapists at Hope Rehab Thailand all come from western countries, and our program is based on evidence-based treatments (e.g. CBT. 12 Step Work, and wellness therapy) used by the best rehabs in the world. We also make use of some unique local treatments such as Thai mindfulness practices (as part of our comprehensive mindfulness program) and Thai massage.

Alcohol Treatment Australia

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