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Would You Benefit from an Alcohol Mindfulness Rehab Program?

A common driving force behind addictive behaviour is the desire to experience some relief from the challenges of life. In the beginning, alcohol can seem to be helping us cope better with things, and we can fall deep into addiction before we realise the cons of this far outweigh the pros. There is nothing wrong with our desire to feel more comfortable – it is just that drugs and alcohol are not capable of providing what we need. Mindfulness provides a better way of managing our thoughts, behaviour, and feelings, and this is why we offer it here as part of the program at Hope Rehab Thailand.

Alcohol Mindfulness Rehab – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

What is an Alcohol Mindfulness Rehab Program?

The purpose of the Hope alcohol mindfulness rehab program is to provide you with a tool that will be of value to you in recovery. We offer it alongside other approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, wellness therapy, and 12-Step work. We understand that in order for you to be able to make use of mindfulness in the future, you will need a solid introduction to it, and this is why our residential program is so comprehensive.

The current popularity of mindfulness means lots of addiction treatment centers will now mention it in their brochure. It makes sense that they do this because even a facility that has one meditation or yoga session per week can claim to teach mindfulness. The program here at our treatment center is far more robust than this. During your stay with us, you will complete a mindfulness course created specifically for people in recovery (two classes per week), have one-to-one sessions with a mindfulness coach, and engage in daily mindfulness practices (including Mahasati meditation, walking meditation, yoga, and tai-chi). You will be encouraged to reflect on your mindfulness practice and our therapists will teach you how you can apply this tool to your daily life.

Over the last fifty years, westerners have been pouring into Thailand in order to learn more about mindfulness. Some of the most respected teachers of meditation (e.g. Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Mun) are Thai, and mindfulness (???) is very much part of the local culture, and it has been for thousands of years. Our alcohol mindfulness rehab program benefits from being offered in such a rich environment, and it has a uniquely Thai flavour to it.

It is important to understand that mindfulness can only benefit your future if you make it part of your life. Most or our clients will have no problem understanding the benefits of this practice, and there is nothing complicated to learn, but it is going to take persistent effort to gain the benefits. The modern world seems almost designed to pull us towards mindless activity, but our mindfulness program can give you the momentum to move in a different direction.

Alcohol Mindfulness Rehab – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Transform Your Life with an Alcohol Mindfulness Rehab Program

Has the cost of addiction become too high for you? Are you looking for a better way of living? Mindfulness may be the missing piece of the jigsaw that will allow you to break free of alcohol for good. When this is combined with other approaches such as CBT, it provides you with a solid foundation for the future. Call us now to discover how our mindfulness program could help change your life.