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Alcohol Detox Perth – Hope Rehab Thailand

Alcohol Detox Perth – Hope Rehab

Alcohol Detox Perth – If you become physically addicted to alcohol, it is going to be safer and more comfortable if your withdrawals are medically supervised. You may be able to find a place at an alcohol detox Perth, but you can also consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand.  We will make sure you have a proper medical assessment and that you are kept as comfortable as possible while your body adjusts to sober living.

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Alcohol Detox in Perth – Hope Rehab

Hope for Australians by Simon Mott

“Many of our clients come from Australia but we get people from all corners of the globe, We get a lot of Australians because their treatment system is so ineffective, they seem to mix addiction-clients in with psychiatric patients. This can be traumatic for ordinary people just wanting help with an alcohol or drug problems. Australians seem frustration with treatment options in their country. One client told me “instead of providing a pathway from substance abuse, all they ever seemed to do is prescribe more and more medications” Rehabs in Australia were charging more than most families can could afford – AUS $20,000 for just one month. So it’s not just resistance to change that keeps people trapped in addiction. For some of them, travelling to Thailand was not something they expected they would have to do. We have no doubt there are some decent treatment programs in Australia that are being run by dedicated professionals, but it is obvious that demand is greater than the available resources. This means that people who genuinely want to escape their addiction are not getting the support they need”

The Availability of Alcohol Detox Perth

In ideal world, your decision to quit alcohol would automatically have access to all the resources you need to make this possible. The fact that you may be in danger from withdrawals should mean that a place at an alcohol detox Perth should be provided automatically, but this is not the way things work in practice. There are only ever going to be a limited number of detox beds available at any one time, and this can mean you may not get the help you need when you need it.

“treatment for addiction in Australia is strongly biased towards the pharmaceutical-psychiatric approach”

Our Australian clients tell us that they not only struggle to find alcohol detox Perth and other cities in the commonwealth, but there is also a lack of treatment options generally. It can mean that even if you are lucky enough to get a medically supervised detox, there might not be a suitable program afterwards where they can begin building a strong foundation for your recovery. This is because treatment for addiction in Australia is strongly biased towards the pharmaceutical-psychiatric approach, and this doesn’t work for a lot of people – in fact, some of our clients said it made them worse.

Alcohol Detox Perth

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Alcohol Detox Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The Need for Detox

If a supervised alcohol detox Perth is not available, it could mean that you are in danger if you try to quit alone. Your body has needed to adapt to high levels of alcohol in your bloodstream, and this means there is a period of readjustment when you quit.

Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, and this is why the majority of attempts to quit alcohol never make it beyond this stage. This is because unlike symptoms from something like the flu, you know that it would be easy to escape these symptoms by drinking again. The knowledge that you could stop the discomfort can weaken your resolve even if you start off highly motivated to change.

One of the benefits of entering a detox is it means you can be kept comfortable while you pass through this adjustment period. You can be given medications to ease your withdrawal symptoms, and you can also be supported through the process. This greatly increases your chances of success. You have a precious opportunity here to live a better life, so it makes sense that you want to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.

“People do die due to delirium tremens, so it is important to take this risk seriously”

If there is any risk you could experience severe withdrawals (delirium tremens), it is vital you undergo a medically supervised detox. These symptoms can include convulsions, intense hallucinations, tachycardia (rapid pulse), and dangerous elevated blood pressure. People do die due to delirium tremens, so it is important to take this risk seriously. There are treatments available to keep you safe, but you need to be supervised during the period of danger.

A Better Alternative to Alcohol Detox Perth

Here at Hope Rehab Center, we are not only going to get you safely and comfortably through alcohol withdrawals, but we are also going to give you the tools to help you build a better life. We don’t want your opportunity for freedom to be lost because you couldn’t get suitable alcohol detox in Perth with follow-up treatment.

When you arrive here in Thailand, we will make sure you have a full medical assessment (including blood work, physical examination, and physical and mental health assessments). The detox program you follow will be tailored to your exact needs, and it will be monitored by a doctor. You can expect to be given medications including diazepam to ease your symptoms, as well as vitamins and minerals to help your body recovery.

“We provide you with a tropical sanctuary well away from the usual triggers”

You are going to find the environment here at Hope Rehab Center is more conducive to recovery than any alcohol detox in Perth. We provide you with a tropical sanctuary well away from the usual triggers for your addiction. Here you will have the space to recuperate and begin building a much better future. Contact us now.

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Alcohol Detox Perth – Hope Rehab

Alcohol Detox Perth by Hope Rehab Thailand