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Do You Need an Alcohol Detox in Perth?

Do You Need an Alcohol Detox in Perth?

“Many of our clients come from Australia – But we get people from all corners of the globe. We get a lot of Australians because there treatment system is so ineffective, they seem to mix addiction-clients in with psychiatric patients. This can be traumatic for ordinary people just wanting help with an alcohol or drug problems. Australians seem frustration with treatment options in their country. One client told me “instead of providing a pathway from substance abuse, all they ever seemed to do is prescribe more and more medications” Rehabs in Australia were charging more than most families can could afford – AUS $20,000 for just one month. So it’s not just resistance to change that keeps people trapped in addiction”  Simon Mott

Alcohol Detox in Perth is if you have become addicted to alcohol, you are going to experience withdrawals should you try to quit. The severity of these symptoms will depend on a number of factors including the amount you have been drinking, the length of time you have been addicted, and your general health. Even if your withdrawals are likely to be mild, it is still worth considering entering an alcohol detox as this will increase your likelihood of success.

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Alcohol Detox in Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Alcohol Detox in Perth

There is a particularly severe type of addiction withdrawal known as delirium tremens (DTs) that you may be at risk of experiencing. The symptoms for this include seizures, dangerously elevated vital signs (e.g. pulse and blood pressure), and intense hallucinations. People do die due to DTs, so it is vital that if there is any risk you could experience these symptoms that you undergo a medically supervised detox. The problem is that it can be difficult to determine who exactly will develop DTs, so it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Most people who are going to be looking for an alcohol detox in Perth are probably not going to experience DTs. It is still worth choosing this type of treatment because by doing so, your likelihood of achieving long-term recovery will greatly increase. It is during this delicate stage that you are at highest risk of relapse – it is just too tempting to escape the discomfort of withdrawal by drinking again. By going to a residential detox, there will be treatments available to keep you comfortable and you will be supported through this first part of the rehabilitation process.

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Alcohol Detox in Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

One clients experience at Hope

Hello Simon,

I am doing really well myself now, thanks to you! I think the time I spent with you and staying at Hope was the turning point in my addiction, I now understand whats wrong with me and know what to do to stay well.

I could not believe how quickly Alcohol took hold of me and destroyed my life, hurting me and every one around me.

Going away to detox & rehab, allowed my body to get rid of the toxic alcohol and take time to recovery. This has allowed me to regain my health and strength and put me on the path to a healthy lifestyle and happiness. I know from past experience that even 1 drink can cause so much damage & cause a relapse so I am really careful now and I remember every thing to taught me.

I am enjoying life and feeling healthy and productive! I miss you and our talks.

Best regards, Jo -Australia

Will You Find a Suitable Alcohol Detox in Perth?

The unfortunate reality Alcohol Detox in Perth is that even if you become ready to break free of your addiction, you may not easily find a suitable alcohol detox in Perth. There is a high demand for addiction treatment services in Australia at the moment, and the system is struggling to cope – at least that is what our Australian clients keep telling us. You may have to go on a long waiting list, or pay a huge sum of money to a private facility, in order to get an appropriate and timely alcohol detox in Australia.

If you are becoming discouraged by your alcohol detox in Perth options, we would like you to consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. Our treatment center offers a full program of recovery including detox. We provide evidence-based approaches for dealing with addiction including mindfulness therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, wellness therapy, and 12-step work. Hope is a wonderful environment for beginning your journey into recovery, and you will be surrounded by a community of people who share your dream of a better life.

Alcohol Detox in Perth

There is no telling how long your current willingness to change is going to last – it is too easy to slip back into the denial of addiction. If you can’t find a suitable residential alcohol detox in Perth, contact us now by email or phone to find out what we can offer you.

Alcohol Detox in Perth by Paul

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