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Hope Rehab Thailand for Ice Addiction

Hope Rehab Thailand for Ice Addiction

An effective addiction rehabilitation program needs to appreciate that you or your loved one will have been using ice for a reason. Sure, the process of addiction is going to mean plenty of unwise choices and bad behaviour, but it is not like you will have set out for things to turn out the way they did.

In our experience as addiction therapists and individuals who were once caught up in this behaviour, people turn to drugs initially to either find comfort, escape discomfort, or avoid boredom. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel at ease in life, and this is why a suitable rehab for ice addiction must provide you with the tools to achieve this state. Once you see for yourself that life can be good without methamphetamine, there will no longer be such a need to use this drug.

Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we provide you with a residential program that takes into account the unique challenges associated with ice addiction.  There are going to be aspects of your recovery that will be similar for those recovering from other types of addiction, but there are also significant differences that must be addressed. The team at Hope has years of combined experience helping people with your specific type of addiction, and this will mean you will be given the resources and support you need to get better.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Australia – Hope Rehab
Hope Rehab Thailand – Rehab for Ice Addiction

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rehab for Ice Addiction

When looking for a treatment center capable of providing what you need to overcome methamphetamine addiction, there are certain questions you will want answered including:

  1. Does this facility understand my particular addiction?
  2. Will I be treated like an individual?
  3. Is there a good client-to-therapist ratio?
  4. How many other clients will there be?
  5. Is the treatment evidence-based?
  6. Is there sufficient aftercare?
  7. Is it a suitable environment for recovery?
  8. What preparation will there be for the transition from rehab to home?
  9. Is your rehab for ice addiction expensive?
Hope Rehab Thailand
Hope Rehab Thailand – Rehab for Ice Addiction

These are questions the team at Hope have spent hundreds of hours tackling in team meetings, and this is what makes us such a great choice as a rehab for ice addiction. Here are our answers.

  1. Our facility has already helped many people rebuild their life following ice addiction
  2. At Hope we create individualised care plans for every client
  3. During your stay with us you will have a named therapist who you will see for one-to-one sessions – you will also work with the other therapists and support workers as well
  4. One reason Hope Rehab stand out as a good choice for addiction treatment is we are a deliberately small community – the maximum is 16 clients at one time
  5. Our treatment incorporates cognitive-based therapy, mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, and aspects of the Minnesota Model – all of these treatments are evidence based
  6. We take aftercare seriously here at Hope, and we begin planning for this almost as soon as you arrive
  7. Hope Rehab is located in beautiful part of Thailand close to tropical beaches and lush jungle – it offers the perfect environment for recuperation from addiction
  8. Our unique recovery coaching program means you will begin facing the challenges of the real world even before you leave us – e.g. you will visit shopping centres and go on excursions while supported by our team
  9. Hope Rehab Thailand is very affordable – it is a fraction of the cost of private treatment in places such as Australia and the UK
Hope Rehab Simon Mott
Hope Rehab Thailand – Rehab for Ice Addiction

From Meth addiction to international recovery

“Growing up in Perth my childhood started off happily. I enjoyed school, was a keen sportsman and had lots of support around me. 

Up til the age of 18, graduation year, I had a normal, fun, happy childhood. In 2005 I was introduced to crystal meth. I never touched heroin because of all the horror stories I heard as a young boy in the mid to late 90’s. But I never heard about meth.

One day an acquaintance offered me a large amount of pure methamphetamine at a cheap rate. I grabbed the opportunity. I was tired of struggling to pay for my drugs so I became the addict turned drug dealer.

Finally I reached out to my mum and she took me in. We found Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand. Thanks to my mum, I was able to be treated at this wonderful place for 3 months. A place that gave me a sense of safety I hadn’t felt in years. A place free of judgement, only understanding and the place where I found myself again. The person I am today without drugs.

When my mother and I searched for treatment options, the severe lack of help was demoralizing. We felt so alone with this. There was only help in Australia if you could afford to pay $30,000 a month. Thankfully we found Hope Rehab Thailand which does not cost a fortune and is a real adventure.

I will never be able to thank Hope and the team enough, my Mum has her son back and I have my life back, I am 1 year clean and back at work. I would not trade the worse day of recovery for the best day of my using. Jason”

Our rehab for ice addiction provides you with everything you need to transform your life. You probably have other questions about what we offer though, so call us now to find out more about our program.

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