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Methamphetamine, Ice or Crystal Meth is a powerful Stimulant and is highly addictive. It is a relatively new and more concentrated form of an older and more standard range of amphetamines. All these drugs induce intense euphoric sensations, high levels of energy and depending how it is administered sometimes also a rush. It has the well earned reputation for being quickly addictive and is rapidly growing in popularity, Methamphetamine is easy to find and often cheaper than other stimulants like Cocaine. It is usually smoked using a glass pipe and can also be sniffed or injected or taken in pill form.

To begin with Methamphetamine or crystal Meth can have the affect of performance enhancing and some say it helps with work or educational studies and boosts Sex drive, however this usually ends in tears due to the nature of the drug and the addiction. But unfortunately the users have formed outdated Core beliefs that keeps them going back for more even though its doing them great harm in long run.

Methamphetamine Treatment – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The drug is also a very efficient appetite suppressant and has been used for the treatment of Obesity however due to its highly addictive nature and many negative side effects it is not recommended.

ADD or ADHD has been treated with pharmaceutical stimulant medications including types of Methamphetamine for the last couple of decades although there are now more up to date and less addictive alternatives being used specially if treating a patient with a history of addiction.

Some of the effects and risks of Methamphetamine use are depression and anxiety, erratic behavior, paranoia and psychosis, suicidal thinking, cravings, nightmares, mood swings.

Physical effects of Methamphetamine use can include bad skin, rotting teeth, difficulty breathing, Increased and irregular heart rate, restlessness, irritability, high blood pressure, impotence, dilated pupils, lack of appetite, weight loss, and prolonged insomnia.

Methamphetamine Treatment – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Behavior change is the most disturbing effect that the family and friends witness including, lying and dishonesty, changing friends, lack of motivation, loss of interest in healthy activities, illegal activities and self-neglect, high risk behaviors and sexual acting out are amongst many of the distressing issues faced when a loved one becomes addicted to Methamphetamine, Crystal Meth or Ice.

Stopping long term can be very difficult as Methamphetamine use is known to change the brains impulse control more than any other substances making cravings harder to resist and triggers like feeling down or expecting a reward after a hard weeks work very difficult to manage.

Methamphetamine Treatment – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Methamphetamine Treatment

Methamphetamine Detox: Addicts usually crash when they stop using and this can be exhausting frightening and dangerous as the often extremely low mood can take hold and if not in a healthy environment with adequate support could trigger self harm behavior.

Also Methamphetamine, Ice or Crystal Meth users often use a variety of other drugs such as sleep medications and Alcohol to manage these scary come downs after a long binges, thus creating a dual dependency, so a Detox from Benzodiazepines or Alcohol can sometimes be necessary in Methamphetamine treatment.

PAWS or Post acute withdrawals sometimes can drag on for a year or more after the acute or first stage known as the “Crash” which lasts about a week. After this there are more subtle and long lasting symptoms such as low energy and depression or mood swings.

It is unwise to start taking medication for these symptoms for example anti-depressants while helping with Serotonin often inhibit the natural production of Dopamine which is the neural transmitter most related to the Addiction itself.

Methamphetamine Treatment – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Our matrix model of treatment is recommended worldwide including Cognitive behavior therapy together with a Minnesota model recovery program and a strong physical and fitness activities, also mindfulness to help regulate emotions.

It is the psychological addiction and dependency to Methamphetamine including smoking Ice or crystal Meth, that needs to be worked on over time and also the original underlying issues that gave rise to the desire to self medicate in the first place.

Performance enhancing is a common triggering factor for clients using Methamphetamine including smoking Ice and Crystal Meth however the addiction has now become primary and needs a recovery plan.

Remember your urge to use the substance will not magically disappear just because you stop in Methamphetamine treatment or by talking about your deepest problems.

However you will be encouraged to explore these problems so as to develop self awareness around your personal triggers and create a relapse prevention plan for Methamphetamine treatment.

Methamphetamine Treatment – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

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