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Methamphetamine Addiction Perth

Methamphetamine addiction Perth is destroying lives at an alarming rate. If you have become dependent on this substance, you may well feel that your life is spiralling out of control. Your only chance of escaping this downward spiral is to quit the abuse, but this can be hard to do if you don’t have the right support and resources. Our clients from Western Australia tell us that they help they needed to quit wasn’t available locally, and this is why they came to  stay with us here at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand.

Hope Rehab Thailand
Methamphetamine Addiction Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The Nightmare of Methamphetamine Addiction Perth

“Methamphetamine is entering a new and deadly age of addiction in Australia.” (Deadlier than ever: Welcome to the new ice age)

The media regularly report how methamphetamine addiction Perth is out of control. It has been referred to as a ‘pandemic’, and central Perth is said to be the second worst hit area in Australia after Sydney’s King’s Cross (source: The Western Australian).  Meth has now replaced heroin is the headlines as enemy number one. It is tempting to dismiss the headlines and sound-bites as deliberately sensational, but the sad reality is that these stories haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the true devastation caused by this drug.

Methamphetamine goes by lots of names such as crystal meth, crank, ice, meth, crystal, fire power, and shard. The fact that this substance has so many aliases means that some first-time users don’t even realise what it is methamphetamine they are taking. The pleasurable euphoric effects of this drug means it doesn’t take long before people are hooked.

Those who have never tried meth, and have only heard about the negative effects of the drug, can find it hard to understand how anyone could get hooked. It happens because when people first start using this substance, the effects can feel almost miraculous. People with low self-esteem experience a transformation into confident and extroverted personalities. Those who normally find life to be a real struggle experience a few hours of freedom where they feel wonderful – who wouldn’t want that?

Meth is a particularly nasty drug because by the time people realise they are paying too high a price for rapidly diminishing benefits, they are already well and truly hooked. It is at this stage that they may become willing to look for treatment options for methamphetamine addiction Perth only to find the help they need is hard to find.

Treatment Options for Methamphetamine Addiction Perth

Despite all the concern in the media about meth addiction in Western Australia, the resources available to deal with the problem are alarmingly inadequate. Local rehabs are struggling to cope with the ever-increasing demand for beds, and they regularly need to turn people away. Unless you can afford to pay huge sums of money, you will likely have to go on a waiting list, and this delay could be fatal.

Even if you do get a place in a program right away, there is also the problem that you may not be offered the right type of treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction Perth. Methamphetamine addiction has unique characteristics, and if the program doesn’t take this into account, it can prove to be ineffective. There is also a strong emphasis on the psychiatric model of addiction treatment in Australia, and this doesn’t work for many people – there can be too much emphasis on treating symptoms with prescription drugs.

Heroin Addiction – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Methamphetamine Addiction Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Our Vision for You at Hope Rehab Center

Breaking free of methamphetamine can be a real struggle unless you have access to the right resources and support. It will be great if you can find the help you need for methamphetamine addiction in Perth, but our clients tend to people who were unable to find appropriate help at home. You deserve to have the best possible environment for recovery, and this is what we offer here at Hope Rehab Center.

It is only a few hours flying time from Perth to Thailand, and we offer a high-quality as well as affordable rehab program. You will get to stay in a therapeutic community while you follow a treatment path that is specifically designed for dealing with meth addiction. You will also be fully assessed when you arrive at Hope Rehab Center, so the program you follow will be based around your exact needs.

We have seen miracles happen here at Hope Rehab Center. We can not only help you quit methamphetamine for good, but we can also give you the tools for successful living so you no longer feel the need to turn to any mind-altering substances for solace – this is our vision for you. Call us now so you can begin your journey towards a new and better life.

So if you want help with Methamphetamine Addiction Perth we are here to guide you, many of our clients come from Perth as its only a 5 hour flight away. We provide an intensive program packed with action and challenges.

Methamphetamine Addiction Perth Treatment

Counseling: You get two one-2-one counselling sessions weekly, this is to open up safely and go through the program.

Group work: Together we are stronger and the power of the group is unparalleled, it can be scary but you will overcome your fear.

CBT: This stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Known as short term therapy with long term results. It is all about negative thinking patterns and core beliefs that require changing.

Addiction program: Addiction is a repeated destructive behaviour so you will need the a repeated health program to replace it with.

Mindfulness program: This helps you manage your difficult feelings and thoughts.

Fitness and exercise program: Action speaks louder than words, you can think your way out of an addiction so we get you moving.

Treatment assignment tasks: Every week you will attend a goal setting group and the group will help you identify the goals that would help you.

Activities: After a long weeks therapeutic work you deserve some fun on the weekend.

Relapse Prevention: Bad habits and addictions don’t just go away, you will need a system to manage future temptations.

Aftercare: Stay in touch and join the client led groups we provide.

Gratitude therapy: This is widely practised as a solution for many things including addiction  and depression.

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