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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney is a major problem. Are you a Sydneysider trying to escape opiate abuse? Most decisions to go it alone against this type of drug end in failure – it is just too tempting to cave in when your own thoughts are working against you. If you find suitable heroin addiction treatment in Sydney, it can greatly increase your chances of success. The only problem is finding the resources you need to quit isn’t always so easy because of lack of government investment in this type of treatment.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

“It’s not just resistance to change that keeps people trapped in addiction. I truly believe the Doctors in Australia do” Paul began abusing drugs at an early age, by age 19, Paul had progressed to Heroin. 

“I went to a well renowned GP who specialised in addiction. I was instantly placed on a nice little cocktail of pharmaceuticals”  It was around this time that he came across information online about Hope Rehab Center Thailand. He soon realised that Hope’s program offered more than just the quick fix, “These guys gave me HOPE when I had none. I was told I had a disease, and was taught how to re-program my addict-brain. I initially signed up for 2 months but stayed for 3 because after a taste of really being alive for the first time in my life…” 

“…today I am off all illegal substances, and prescription medications, but also the massive dose of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers that I was put on from the age of 20 and was told by a Doctor” 

Monkeydog – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The Need for Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney

Every New Year, millions of Australian, make resolutions aimed at improving their lives – in most cases, it is going to be simple stuff like eating less chocolate, saving money, or going to the gym more often. The vast majority of people will have given up on these resolutions even before the end of January. Quitting heroin is a major life change for somebody who is addicted, and it involves both physical and psychological addiction – is it any surprise that so many people fail?

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney means Heroin withdrawals are going to involve at least some discomfort, but it is not so much the actual discomfort that causes people to relapse – it is the knowledge that they don’t have to be feeling this way. If you have a bad case of the flu, you know that you just have to put up with the symptoms as best as you can because there is no choice. If you are quitting opiates, your brain knows that there is a choice between feeling bad and experience the relief of a fix. The reason heroin addiction treatment in Sydney can be a good idea is it means your withdrawals can be managed medically, and you can be supported through the process – this makes a huge difference.

Even after you make it through withdrawals, it doesn’t mean you recovery is assured because you are still going to have to deal with reality. As the comedian Russell Brand once said:

Drugs and alcohol are not my problem — reality is my problem. Drugs and alcohol are my solution.

The purpose of a quality rehab program is to give you the opportunity to develop the tools you need for dealing with reality. If you don’t find suitable heroin addiction treatment in Sydney, the likelihood is that you’ll find sober living a struggle. This means that there is high risk of relapse or turning to new maladaptive ways of coping – e.g. swapping one drug for another or turning to behavioural addictions like gambling.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney

Okay – so we’ve established that getting some help to quit opiates is probably a good idea. So now it should be just a case of admitting that you need some help and choosing the resources you need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. There is a tragic lack of options for heroin addiction treatment in Sydney. Despite all the tough talk about dealing with drugs, the Australian government has down little to help people who are trying to escape this situation. This claim is supported by the Australia 21 Report which suggests that the approach up until now has been to treat drug users as criminals rather than people in need of help.

Many of our clients here at Hope Rehab Center come from Sydney (as well as other Australian cities like Melbourne and Perth). They tell us that they felt compelled to travel to Thailand because they just couldn’t find the help they needed back home. In the past, methadone maintenance has been advocated as the cheapest way to deal with the problem (it’s also good for the pharmaceutical industry), but the authorities aren’t even willing to pay for this anymore because they say it is too expensive. Alex Wodak (director of Alcohol and Drug Services) claims that 30,000 people who are on methadone treatment are being forced to turn to the black market (source: The Daily Telegraph). A similar situation can be found with other options for heroin addiction treatment in Sydney – the money just isn’t there to suitable fund these schemes.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Here at Hope Rehab Center we offer you (or somebody you care about) a proven program to help you escape heroin addiction. We emphasise an individualised approach where the goal is to help you develop a way of living where there is no longer any need for you to turn to opiates. If you are struggling to find the help you need with your options for heroin addiction treatment in Sydney, we suggest you give us a call.

“My name is Adrian Hunter. I have a music business management company. One of my artists has real addiction problems. This impacts greatly on his and my personal and professional lives. Simon helped greatly with my client. His understanding of addiction and patience had a great influence on my client and contributed to his attempting to recover from his addictions. The work Simon and his team did was greatly important in my client beginining his journey out of addiction and I benefitted greatly from the advice and reassurance of Simon and his team during some difficult times. I still continue with my management company and my client”

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney – Hope Rehab

Navigate around the website and familiarise yourself with our treatment facility and program, then decide if you are ready to invest in your future and change your life.

So if you are in need of serious help with a life threatening addiction, then Hope Rehab is the place for you, below is a list of the essential components that our program is comprised of;

Counseling and Therapy: This is a very important part of the recovery process, learning to trust someone and talk about all your issues. They will guide you and support you to change.

Group work: With three groups a day, morning process group, topic group, and role plays this is a very stimulating core part of the program. The power of the group is vital for change.

CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Known as short term therapy with long term results. This is a group of exercises that will help you change your negative thinking patterns that are holding you back.

Addiction program: A program means a system to manage your recovery lives.

Mindfulness program: Meditation is a very helpful way to restore your sanity, slow down, manage your feelings and thoughts and calm yourself.

Fitness and exercise program: At Hope we focus on physical fitness as well as emotional fitness – unlike most rehabs we spare no time or expense on getting you well.

Treatment assignment tasks: As well as written work you will complete our 100 page workbook and try out treatment tasks in the community known as paradoxical behaviours.

Activities: After a challenging weeks work in group and counselling you have earned some rest and play time. Ee take you to the beaches, temples and shopping as well as restaurants locally.

Relapse Prevention: Like all good treatment centres

Aftercare: We begin your aftercare plan before you leave Rehab and as part of treatment, you will also sign up to the aftercare online groups.

Gratitude therapy: Write a daily list and be grateful for the difficult times and what you learn from them, Be grateful for your recovery, this increases the likelihood you will remain clean and sober.

Hope Rehab’s suggestion to maintain your new found recovery life after completing our program:

Avoid isolation, perticularly when you feel down – because it is at these times you are most vulnerable.

Watch out for your ‘comfort zone’ as we should alway meet challenges head on and not be lazy or avoidant.

Negative self talk ‘ANTS’ we call automatic negative thoughts, are best replaced with PETS, performance enhancing thinking.

Healthy balanced diet is helpful to feel good and increase energy. Comfort eating plays into your addiction.

keep up the exercise program you start at Hope, this will increase self esteem and aide brain regeneration.

Avoid blaming although its natural to blame it’s also a waste of energy and time, and it can justify using – remember if its someone else’s fault then the have all the power – empower yourself and take responsibility.

Avoid judging others but try not to judge other people too harshly – most of us are just trying our best with the cards we have been dealt. Practice compassion for others and yourself.

Avoid thinking about using – euphoric recall or teasing yourself, flirting with the idea – memories can be tricky and ignore the true misery.

Affirmations are very useful to change and reprogram your brain and thinking, and achieve your goals.

Goal setting is also very useful even after leaving rehab, you can list your daily goals and weekly goals.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sydney by Paul


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