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Heroin Addiction in Perth – Come to Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Heroin Addiction in Perth

Heroin Addiction in Perth is a growing isue so if you need help with heroin read on, you may be struggling to find suitable resources. As you research your options you will find there are some residential and outpatient programs in this part of Western Australia, but these might not be capable of providing the environment that offers you the best chance of recovery.

Giving up heroin isn’t just about ending the physical addiction – in some ways this is the easy part. If you are unable to build a life that is meaningful and satisfying, staying clean is just going to be one long struggle. The program we provide here at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand is designed not just to save your life but to give you a life worth living when you are stuck with Heroin Addiction in Perth.

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Heroin Addiction in Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Heroin Addiction in Perth

Looking for Help with Heroin Addiction in Perth – Clients Experience ‘Mark Perth”

“I entered Hope Rehab as a shell of a human being addicted to Heroin and methadone. Each day was more painful than the last. Lying and manipulating people to get more drugs or money for drugs.

Eventually, enough was enough, and I decided I couldn’t go on living in this dysfunction. One week later I landed in Bangkok and went to Hope Rehab. There were people that had been through the exact same thing as me, their circumstances may have been different, their drug of choice may have been different, but their similarities far outweighed the differences. 

Staying clean can be hard at times but it’s simple really. It only gets hard when you make things complicated. Take it slow, don’t put yourself in any situation you’re uncomfortable in and don’t worry too much about what others think of you. Keep in contact with others in recovery, especially in the first year or so”

Heroin Addiction in Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Heroin Addiction in Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Heroin Addiction in Perth

The majority of foreigners who enter Thailand to attend rehab are coming from Australia. Our clients come from cities like Perth, and they tell us that they just can’t get the help they need at home for Heroin Addiction in Perth. The Australian government does spend around AUS $22 million on treatment for heroin addiction (source: Perth Now News), but this money is often directed towards psychiatric or pharmaceutical solutions that just don’t work for everyone.

One of the most popular options for those looking for help with heroin addiction in Perth is methadone. There were 46,446 people using this solution in 2011 (source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare), and this number is likely to be higher now. Taking methadone can mean that the person is able to function a bit better, but their life is still going to be blighted by their addiction. It is a cost-effective way for the government to put a lid on heroin abuse, but it is like putting an Elastoplast on a wound that requires stitches.

Much of the current media attention in Perth is focused on the methamphetamine epidemic not Heroin Addiction in Perth. The use of stimulant drugs is out of control, but it means that there is less pressure on authorities to provide suitable resources for those trying to give up heroin. This is bad news for those in need of heroin addiction treatment in the city.

There are similarities when it comes to giving up heroin and giving up other drugs, but there are also important differences too. A problem with some of the available help with heroin addiction in Perth is that it just too general – these programs are not designed to deal with the unique needs of heroin users, so they are often inappropriate.

Our clients are smart people who have realised that the available help with heroin addiction in Perth just isn’t sufficient for them. Rather than just accept the lack of options back home, they have made the decision to come to us here at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand.

Heroin Addiction – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Heroin Addiction in Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Heroin Addiction in Perth – Come to Thailand

If you seek help from any of the agencies set up to deal with drug addiction in Perth, they are likely to suggest a local inpatient or outpatient program. One of these options may work for you, but it is also worth considering going abroad for treatment. This is a precious opportunity you have to change your life, so it makes sense you would want to give yourself the best chance of success.

So, what can we offer you here at Hope Rehab Center that you won’t find back in Perth?

Hope Rehab Center provides a program that is specifically designed to help people dealing with heroin addiction. The treatment path you follow will be based around your precise needs. Our holistic approach is based on the understanding that you are a unique individual rather than a collection of symptoms or an ‘addict’.

We believe Thailand provides the ideal location for breaking free of a heroin addiction. Hope Rehab Center is located in a secluded area where you are surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. This is an environment where your thoughts naturally start to slow down, and this puts you in a better frame of mind for rebuilding your life.

Below is a list of suggestions we give our clients before leaving to return home:

Avoid the tendency to isolate specially when your mood is low – because then your addiction will get hold of you again.

Remember your addiction is your comfort zone so avoid this too, by doing this it develops you in may ways.

Replace you negative self talk with positive and inspiring thoughts such as ‘I can do this’ or ‘I am stronger than my addiction’

Understand the importance of nutrition: A balanced diet is the key to a strong sobriety so avoid too much comfort eating. Everything in moderation, a balanced diet.

Get some exercise every day even if it is only a half hour run, walk or in the gym. The best time is early in the morning, get up before your addiction does.

Avoid blaming although its natural to blame it’s also a waste of energy and time, and it can justify using – remember if its someone else’s fault then the have all the power – empower yourself and take responsibility.

Its also natural to judge others but try not to judge other people too harshly – most of us are just trying our best with the cards we have been dealt. Practice compassion for others and yourself.

Avoid thinking about using – euphoric recall or teasing yourself, flirting with the idea – memories can be tricky and ignore the true misery.

Affirmation are a great way to reprogram yourself. So create a mission statement reflecting your meaning and purpose in life – then repeat it daily. Prey for willingness to be willing and eventually it will happen.

Goal setting is important both daily micro goals and larger life goals. Review your goals lists daily.

Contact us now to begin your journey to a much better way of living.

Heroin Addiction in Perth by Paul