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Addiction Help in Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
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Drug Addiction in Melbourne

Addiction help in Melbourne can be difficult to find and access: Are you being held back in life due to a drug addiction? Is somebody you love suffering due to this type of behaviour? If you have been looking for help with drug addiction Melbourne, you may be feeling frustrated with the lack of viable options. Even if you are able to find a place in a rehab centre in Victoria (which is not guaranteed), or you can afford to go private, you still might not have access to the resources you need to recover and build a better life.

Free Addiction Help in Melbourne can be accessed at the following centers:

  1. Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC)
    Self Help Addiction Resource Centre that promotes self-help approaches to recovery from severe alcohol and drug related issues.
  2. Victoria help & support › 
    Directory of drug services, drug support and rehabilitation services in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat.
  3. Smart Recovery Australia
    SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a free group
  4. About Crystal Meth Anonymous 
    If you think you have a problem with Crystal Meth (ICE), welcome.

Read one account from a client who came to Hope….

The Grim Reality of Drug Addiction Melbourne…..“It’s not just resistance to change that keeps people trapped in addiction. I truly believe the Doctors in Australia, and especially the Australian Federal government, have a lot to answer for in regards to their policy on addiction treatment in Australia”

Paul began abusing drugs at an early age, but was in enough trouble at 24 to reach out for help. He did the right thing by seeking out the addiction professionals in Melbourne, but instead of providing a pathway from substance abuse, all they ever seemed to do was prescribe him more and more medications. Paul did try to get help– “I searched for Addiction help in Melbourne and went to a well renowned GP who specialised in addiction. I was instantly placed on a nice little cocktail of pharmaceuticals” Paul was following the instructions of the so called ‘addiction experts’ so why wasn’t his life getting any better? . I initially signed up for 2 months but stayed for 3 because after a taste of really being alive for the first time in my life…”Founder Simon Mott says ‘Paul has experienced a remarkable transformation in the three months he has been with us. He has been determined from the very beginning. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sobriety work’ Paul no longer relies on a bag of drugs just to function; his life is no longer out of control”

Addiction help in Melbourne

Figures released by Victoria Police indicate a 15 per cent increase in the number of drug related arrests since 2012 (Source: Herald Sun). Methamphetamine (ICE) abuse is being blamed as a major contributor to this increase, but there has also been a 13 per cent increase in the number of people taken to hospital due to heroin overdoses (source: Australian Drug Foundation).

The consequences of drug addiction in Melbourne is having serious repercussions on society. The situation is so bad that Graham Ashton (Victoria Police deputy commissioner) is quoted by the Herald Sun as saying:

“It is clear that an entire generation of rural youth is at risk, threatening the future prosperity of those communities,”

There are always going to be those who want to point the figure and blame those of us who fall into the trap of addiction for our plight – telling us we did it to ourselves. The reality is nobody ever plans to end up this way, and some individuals are genetically predisposed to substance abuse in much the same way others are to heart disease. It is also a reality that given the right circumstances, any person could potentially fall into the trap of addiction that is why we need Addiction Help in Melbourne.

Addiction Help in Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Addiction Help in Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Treatment for Drug Addiction in Melbourne

Those who have never suffered from a drug addiction may wonder why those who are suffering from this behaviour just don’t stop it and donut need Addiction Help in Melbourne. The problem is that substance abuse changes the way the brain works, so the person becomes trapped by their own thinking (commonly referred to as denial). There is also the problem that even if the person becomes ready to quit, the resources available for the treatment of drug addiction in Melbourne might not be suitable for them.

We recently had a client stay with us from Melbourne, and he described how hard it was for him to get the help he needed to quit his addiction while at home. He first went looking for answers from the professionals when he was a young man, but rather than curing his addiction and providing Addiction Help in Melbourne they gave him new drugs that he then became dependent on. By the time he came to us, years later, he was reliant a staggering number of medications that had all been prescribed to him by his doctors.

When it comes to treatment for drug addiction Melbourne, there is an over-reliance on the pharmaceutical approach. There is a tendency to prescribe drugs rather than considering other approaches. Of course, drug therapy does have a place in addiction recovery, but our Australian clients tell us they were often put on strong medications that didn’t ultimately improve their life. They wanted to be free of all drugs, and not just dependent on different ones.

One of the other serious issues with finding help for drug addiction Melbourne is a lack of resources. The number of people dealing with this type of problems continues to rise, but the rehabs are unable to keep up with the demand – people who want to quit looking for Addiction Help in Melbourne are being turned away because there just isn’t the space to treat them. The decision to quit addiction can disappear if not acted upon quickly and people do die while waiting for treatment.

Hope Rehab for Drug Addiction in Melbourne

Temporarily moving to a completely new environment can lead to opportunities not available at home. It means getting away from familiar temptations and triggers for substance abuse and being somewhere where you have the space to transform your life.

Here at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand, we offer evidence-based treatments, and we have a proven record of success with all types of drug addiction. The majority of our clients are Australian, and they choose us because we provide an affordable world-class program in luxurious surroundings.

Hope Rehab Facility in Thailand consists of:

Costal location with beaches we visit weekly
Large private walled site with extensive grounds
Interesting locality and town we visit regularly
Private accommodation ensuite spread across the facility
Swimming pool to freshen yourself up
Fitness centre indoor and out door gyms to use
On-site security and staff 24/7
Nearest Rehab to Bangkok airport about 50 ins

Counseling and Therapy: You will start by documenting your life history and then sharing about your addiction, also any core issues you have and fears.

Group work: This can be a challenge for shy or anxious people but it will develop your character positively is many ways. You will learn and teach at the same time, we value and need you.

CBT: Short term therapy with long term results, CBT is considered the best new form of therapy available today, it is ideal for addiction treatment and changing your life positively.

Recovery program: If you are an addict or alcoholic then you will need a daily program to keep the demons at bay – don’t be complacent and stay in control.

Mindfulness program: Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to manage.

Fitness and exercise program: Your health is your wealth, stay strong and feel the higher power gained from regular excise.

Treatment assignment tasks: While at Hope you may agree some treatment tasks with your counsellor or the group, its way to change old behaviour.

Activities: Hope is the only primary rehab to take you out and about 4 times per week, to meetings, the beach, shopping and temples.

Relapse Prevention: You will complete a relapse prevention plan and share it with the group and your counsellor who will point out anything you have missed

Aftercare: Staying connected is all important so we have a private social media group that our clients use and its a lot of fun to share your achievements also

Gratitude therapy: Write a daily list and be grateful for the difficult times as well as the new found life in recovery.

Addiction is not only a problem for those abusing alcohol or drugs but often also for their family, friends, work colleagues, and their community. In fact, you could say that almost everyone in Australia is impacted by addiction in some way. Given the impact of addiction on society, you might expect there to be plenty of support and resources available to those looking for addiction help in Melbourne – unfortunately this is not the case.

Alcohol and drug services in Victoria are insufficient to meet the current high demand – this means there are people in Melbourne who feel genuinely desperate to escape addiction, yet they are unable to get the help they need to achieve this goal. There are even reports of people dying while waiting for a place to become available in local rehabs.

Alcohol, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and prescription drugs continue be the substances that Melbournians are likely to get hooked on. In recent years though, the number one cause of concern in the media has been ice (methamphetamine) addiction – it has been described as the ice pandemic because it seems to be impacting every city and town in Australia. Methamphetamine abuse is putting an added strain on the addiction recovery resources in Melbourne, and it is forcing many to look beyond Victoria to get the help they need.

Addiction Help in Melbourne

If you have decided to seek out addiction help in Melbourne for yourself or a loved one, there are a number of services you may want to consider contacting including:

• Youth Support and Advocacy Services (help for young people dealing with drug problems)
• Victoria Hospital Based Withdrawal Services
• SMART Recovery Australia
• Alcoholics Anonymous Australia
• Narcotics Anonymous Australia
• Odyssey House Victoria
• Melbourne Homeless Services – Detox
• Rainbow Network -addiction services for GLBTQI (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersexual) people

What Happens If You Are Unable to Find Addiction Help in Melbourne

It can be difficult to break free of an addiction unless you have the right support and resources. Most of us are going to struggle with making even minor changes to our life (just remember all of those broken New Year resolution) and breaking free of alcohol or drugs can be a major undertaking. This means that if you are having trouble finding the addiction help you need in Melbourne, you are probably going to want to look further afield for help.

Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we regularly welcome Australian clients who come to us because they can’t get the support they need at home. Our treatment program has gained an international reputation for excellence (we have previously been featured on Australian television), and our fees are affordable (cheaper than going to a private rehab in Australia).

We understand the decision to go abroad for addiction help may feel like a huge step. You likely have lots of question. A member of our team will be happy to talk to you about your needs and how we can help – almost all of our team members have a personal history of addiction so we understand where you are coming from.

To find Addiction help in Melbourne and start you or a loved one on the road to recovery, contact us right away.

Addiction Help in Melbourne by Simon

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