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Are You Looking for Addiction Help in Perth?
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Addiction Help in Perth

Addiction Help in Perth can be difficult and confusing to find and access: First decide what you want from life? The most common response to this question is “I want to be happy”, and if this your answer, you need to honestly ask yourself if drugs and alcohol are the best tool to help you reach this goal. The reality is if you are addicted, giving up these substances may be the most important step you ever take towards increased happiness. So, if you are serious about wanting to be happy, recovery from addiction needs to be a priority in your life.

Unfortunately, giving up alcohol and drugs is usually not as easy as just deciding to do it. Making this type of major change to your life is going to require a huge effort on your part. It is worth doing though because it is the only path that can lead you to true and lasting happiness. Try to do all of this alone is too challenge for most of us, and this is why you are on the right track if you are investigating your addiction help in Perth options.

Difficulties You May Face When Looking for Addiction Help in Perth

In an ideal world, all the resources you need to build a strong recovery would be easily available locally once you made the decision to change. Many of our clients here at Hope Rehab Thailand come from Australian cities like Perth, and they tell us that this is not the case. These are people who developed the determination to break free of addiction, yet the support and resources they needed to do this just wasn’t there when they went looking for it.

Australia is facing a worsening drugs crisis with increasing abuse of alcohol, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and heroin in particular. Addiction Help in Perth and Rehabs in cities like Perth are struggling to deal with the rising demand for beds, and they are in the difficult position of having to turn people away. Beds are usually available at the exclusive luxury rehabs like The Sanctuary in Byron Bay, but the cost of treatment in places like this tends to be exorbitantly high – well beyond what most of us can afford.

The other regular criticism we hear from our Australian clients is that addiction help in Perth and other Australian cities just isn’t appropriate for their needs. There is a strong tendency to overemphasise the medical aspects of rehabilitation, and this often involves treating drug addiction by using other drugs. We have heard some unpleasant stories of clients who went looking for help for one addiction only to end up hooked on an even worse substance. There is also a tendency in Australia to deal with addiction using the same resources (e.g. people looking for addiction help can be in the same facility as those getting help for schizophrenia) as used for more serious mental health problems – Addiction Help in Perth is ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t right for everyone.

Addiction Help Perth – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Once you understand that you can’t afford for this attempt at recovery to fail, it can make you more deliberate in your attempts to find addiction help Perth. In order for you to achieve your goal of lasting sobriety, you are going to need the right type of resources and support. If you are unable to find what you need locally, we want you to consider coming to stay with us here at Hope Rehab Center.

Addiction Help Perth – Evaluating Your Options

Australians make up the largest client group here at Hope Rehab Center so Addiction Help in Perth is in Thailand. These are people who tell us that they were just not able to find the resources they needed at home, so they make the empowering decision to come to Thailand. There are rehabs in and around the big cities like Perth, but many of these facilities offer a psychiatric approach that is too general to be effective for a lot of people. The private rehabs can offer more choice when it comes to treatment approaches, but they also tend to be ridiculously expensive (as much as AUS $30,000 for a short stay).

The majority of people looking for addiction help Perth are dealing with either alcoholheroinIce(methamphetamine), or prescription drugs. In recent years a lot of focus has been on the ‘Ice epidemic’ – this is partly due to changes in the heroin supply. In 2010, there was a 21 per cent increase in the number of people testing positively for this drug in Western Australia (Source Australian Institute of Criminology). It is believed that thousands of people in Perth are addicted to prescription drugs (Source: WA Today). Alcohol abuse continues to be a huge problem with one in five adults drinking at a level that puts them in danger of serious problems.

There has never been a higher demand for addiction help in Perth, but the resources currently available are just not sufficient to satisfy this need. Most rehabs are reporting a dramatic increase in applications, but they are unable to provide places for all of these people. This means those who are ready to quit addiction, may not have access to the resources they need to achieve this goal.

Entering a rehab program can give you the best possible start in recovery, but it needs to be the right type of program. When you go looking for addiction help in Perth, you are likely to find that there is a strong bias towards pharmaceutical/psychiatric treatments. One of our Australian clients describes what this meant for him:

“I sought Addiction Help in Perth to get off a very large codeine addiction at a detox centre … but came out of that after a week with another habit [a dependency on Seroquel]”

Prescribed drugs certainly have their place when it comes to treating addiction problems, but too often addiction treatment in Perth is about moving clients from one type of drug dependency to another type of drug dependency (or creating an additional addiction). We believe that the goal of recovery should be to help people break free of the need to take any drugs, and this is what the clients who choose Hope Rehab Center believe as well.

An Alternative to Addiction Help Perth

There is an alternative if you are unable to find the addiction help in Perth you need. Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we can give you all the support and resources you need to begin transforming your life. By choosing to come to us, you will benefit from all the most effective addiction treatments such as CBT, mindfulness therapy, 12 step work, and wellness therapy. You will be following a treatment plan based on your needs as an individual. Contact us now to find out more.

If you want a better life for yourself or your loved one, we are going to be able to help you. Our facility here in Thailand offers an effective, affordable, and holistic approach to recovery. We get results because we offer individualised care using evidence-based treatments that have a proven record of success. We also provide a community where the focus is on growth and change and not just on treating symptoms.

My story Addiction Help in Perth – by Jason

From Meth addiction to international recovery

Up til the age of 18, graduation year, I had a normal, fun, happy childhood. In 2005 I was introduced to crystal meth. I never touched heroin because of all the horror stories I heard as a young boy in the mid to late 90’s. But I never heard about meth.

At the time it was called rock or ice. I was already smoking marijuana and drinking so I thought why not? It felt incredible. I felt invincible. I was alert, sociable, could stay awake and party all night – Methamphetamine totally numbed all feelings of inadequacy. After a while my cravings and need for the drug become so over-powering I found myself stealing money from my mother – A rotten horrible thing it is to be a bad son. I am so ashamed.

One day an acquaintance offered me a large amount of pure methamphetamine at a cheap rate. I grabbed the opportunity. I was tired of struggling to pay for my drugs so I became the addict turned drug dealer.

I lost friends, friends who didn’t want to stick around while I destroyed myself, friends who I pushed away because of their concern for me. Over time my friends who I loved and cared for were replaced by fellow addicts, people pretending to be my friend to get to the drugs. Over the last few years I lost friends to drug related violence, overdoses and suicide, never occurring to me that I could be next. Such is the drugs power to instill a false sense of invincibility.

Finally I wanted Addiction Help in Perth and reached out to my mum and she took me in. We found Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand. Thanks to my mum, I was able to be treated at this wonderful place for 3 months. A place that gave me a sense of safety I hadn’t felt in years. A place free of judgement, only understanding and the place where I found myself again. The person I am today without drugs.

The mining boom has served as a massive foundation for this drug culture to grow, with high wages available to young unskilled workers resulting in more disposable income, the work hard play hard system does not help matters either.

I will never be able to thank Hope and the team enough, my Mum has her son back and I have my life back, I am 1 year clean and back at work. I would not trade the worse day of recovery for the best day of my using. Jason Perth

Addiction Help in Perth and rehabs

Thailand is a wonderful place to being your journey into recovery. Hope Rehab Center subscribes to the same high standards of quality as the best facilities elsewhere in the world, and we provide a therapeutic environment where you can relax and recuperate – isn’t this what you deserve? Don’t waste any more of your life to addiction – contact us right now before you can change your mind.

Hope Center Thailand Facility and program

Our costal location is the best in Thailand with a great island and beach we visit
Large private site is walled and has large gardens to relax in
Interesting locality and city for fun shopping and restaurants we visit
Private accommodation all with private ensuite bathrooms
Swimming pool for a refreshing dip
Fitness centre with indoor and out gyms to use
On-site security and 24/7 care
Nearest to Bangkok airport only 50 mins away

If you are struggling with addiction in Perth then join many others who choose Hope in Thailand for help. We have treated many clients from Perth, one reason is that it is only a short flight away and you won’t find anything similar in Australia. Below is a short introduction to our intensive program.

Addiction Help in Perth Treatment

Counseling and Therapy: We start by documenting your history and your addiction, also any core issues and fears you may have. Your counsellor will guide and support you to complete your assignments.

Group work: Together we are stronger so the power of the group is vital for recovery. This can be a challenge for shy or anxious people but it will develop your character positively is many ways. You will learn and teach at the same time, we value and need you as a member of the group.

CBT: Considered the best new therapy available it is ideal for addiction treatment

Addiction program: If you are an addict or alcoholic then you will  need a daily program to keep the demons at bay – don’t be complacent.

Mindfulness program: Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to manage emotions, thoughts and addiction issues. Regular time spent meditating will help restructure your brain and life.

Fitness and exercise program: Your health is your wealth as they say, physical fitness is important to help change. Stay strong and feel the higher power gained from regular excise.

Treatment assignment tasks: While at Hope you may agree some treatment tasks with your counsellor or the group, its way to change old behaviour.

Activities: Hope is the only primary rehab to take you out and about 4 times per week, to meetings, the beach, shopping and temples.

Relapse Prevention: You will complete a relapse prevention plan and share it with the group and your counsellor who will point out anything you have missed

Aftercare: Staying connected is all important so we have a private social media group that our clients use and its a lot of fun to share your achievements also

Gratitude therapy: Write a daily list and be grateful for the difficult times as well as the new found life in recovery.

To find Addiction help in Perth and start you or a loved one on the road to recovery, contact us right away.

Are You Looking for Addiction Help in Perth? by Simon & Paul

Addiction Help in Perth by Paul

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