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The Great Escape – Thailand Means No Cold Winter Blues

The Great Escape - Thailand Means No Cold Winter Blues

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But I ran out of places and friendly faces
because I had to be free.
I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me..

Charlene – from the song ‘I’ve Never Been to Me’

Winter Can Be Cruel and Miserable

Winter can be a particularly challenging time for our mental health. The cold weather and short days can negatively impact our mind state. Added to this is financial concerns due to the high cost of staying warm (this is written coming into the winter of 2022 when rising fuel costs has become a concern across the globe). Combining such worry with an already negative mindset can mean that things can become a bit miserable and overwhelming. For those of us who have an alcohol or drug problem, the temptation is strong to escape our woes by chemical means.

Hibernation Is Natural Response to Winter

Some animals respond to the challenges of winter by going into a state of hibernation. This means that animals such as bears, squirrels, and frogs go into a dormant state so that they lower they drastically reduce their metabolic rate – therefore requiring far less energy to survive. Animals who hibernate can survive harsh winters because they don’t need to eat and drink (this is vital at a time when food isn’t easily available).

As humans, we may change our behavior during winter (e.g. going outdoors less), but we don’t go into hibernation (although there are likely many of us who wish we could). Instead, we adapt to the harsh conditions and do the best we can. For those of us who are struggling at this time of year, a better option might be to see the wisdom in hibernation and adapt it to our human needs.

Some of the lessons we could learn from hibernation include:

The Great Escape – Hibernate in Thailand and Awaken in a Better Place

Sometimes the best solution to a dark time can be a change of scenery. This is not about running away from our problems but about doing what we need to do in order to manage and survive them. If we can do this, we always end up coming out the other side in a much better position. The bear isn’t running away from winter but cleverly adapting to the situation – running away would be the bear trying to numb itself with alcohol in order to avoid dealing with winter. Hibernation is all about dealing with what is happening in the most effective way possible.

Going to rehab can be the best option available to us if we are struggling with an addiction problem. The added benefit of doing this in Thailand is that we get a complete change of scenery, and this can make it easier to see things from a new perspective (which is what recovery is all about). It also means that we are away from the usual triggers that tend to drive the substance abuse. Coming to Thailand in winter also means that we get to escape what can be the most difficult time of year. Avoiding the high cost of fuel bills can make this an even more financially viable solution.

If you would like to find out more about coming to rehab in Thailand this winter, please contact us right away.

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