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Inflation and Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Inflation and Addiction Treatment in Thailand

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We understand that the financial situation is a big concern for many of our perspective clients. This is why we are currently offering a 10% discount to offset any increase in costs (e.g. fligths to Thailand). The team at Hope rehab is dedicated to providing affordable treatment without compromising quality.

The Cost of Living

In the modern world staying alive costs money. We no longer live in any kind of Eden where we are able to just take what we need. We need to pay for stuff, and this is a problem for most of us when our funds are limited. Choices have to made. There may be nothing left after we pay for the basic essentials, and for a seeminlgy growing number of us even these essentials are beyond our budget.

When things happen with the economy, it can mean that the cost of living gets higher. An example of this is inflation which appears to be a growing concern around the world. Inflation means that things cost more. This isn’t such a problem if the money in our pockets increases at the same rate, but this is not the situation for most of us.

It is understandable that when money is short, unnecessary expenses need to be curtailed. We have to be cautious about our spending, and this can mean delaying things that that we believe can wait until our financial situation improves. The problem is that our money concerns can also be used as a reason to delay things that would be better dealt with now. This can be the case when we are talking about something like delaying addiction treatment.


Can You Afford to Treat Your Addiction Problems?

Lack of money usually isn’t a good reason to delay getting help for your addiction. This can be life-saving treatment. It is getting harder to find government-funded inpatient rehab programs in places like the UK, but there are always other options. There are alternatives such as 12 Steps, Dharma Recovery, and SMART Recovery that can be accessed for free. There are good reasons to choose an inpatient program if you can, but any kind of help is probably going to be better than no help.

The experience I went through during my journey at Hope was incredible. Obviously not easy because the program pushes us to work in depth on understanding addiction as well as on becoming aware of our loss of control over our lives…But at Hope we are given all the tools and suggestion to go through this process with kindness and compassion.


There Is Always Going To Be A Reason To Delay Recovery

The mind can always come up with a reason for why we should delay treatment. Even though addiction makes our life miserable, it is something we are familiar with, so putting off treatment can appear like no big deal. The reality is that it can be a mistake. The motivation to change our life isn’t guaranteed to be there in the future – so delaying treatment could mean missing out on the chance of recovery.

Choosing an option like rehab can be considered an investment in our future. For some of us, it could well be the cost of living (at least living a life worth living). Many people who choose this path realize that the money they would have spent on alcohol or other drugs easily covers the cost of treatment (e.g. the average adult in the UK spends about £1000 a year on alcohol and those with a drinking problem with be likely spending far more than that).

Rehab in Thailand May Be More Affordable Than You Think

Not everyone will be able to afford to come to Thailand for addiction treatment, but there are also those who dismiss the idea because they assume it is not affordable. One of the reasons for coming to rehab in Thailand is that it is usually cheaper than a private rehab in western country (even after you add in the cost of flights). Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we do what we can to make treatment affordable, but we need to balance this our determination to provide the program that we believe offers the best chance of recovery. We are all for cutting costs but not for cutting quality.

If you would like to discover if Hope Rehab Thailand might be an option for you, please contact us now for more information.


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