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What is a Hope Rehab program?

What is a Hope Rehab program?

by Simon Mott

What is a Hope Rehab program?

Hope Rehab drug and Alcohol is program is practical and simple to use, it is made up from a combination of helpful therapeutic tools developed by different and hughly-respected experts over many years.

I always say, get up before your addiction does – at Hope we are up and exercising before breakfast. Not every action brings happiness – but there is definitely no happiness without some action, so little by little you will get stronger. Higher power is within, you never know what you are capable of, come to Hope and find out”

Hope Rehab Thailand Special

Firstly you will be assessed by our Doctor and detoxed if necessary, then you will be able to get involved in the program without any delay.

The treatment model is of an international standard and is an evidence-based approach to rehabilitation. The most popular and successful model currently is CBT combined with mindfulness, 12 steps principles and a strong fitness program, known as the holistic approach.

Isolation is a common result of addiction and alcoholism so our clients all seem to Thrive on the fellowship they get here. In fact being a small rehab, 12 beds makes it more like a large family atmosphere. It really works. Its amazing to see the love and care they show eachother. They do get a few quiet evenings to relax and write up their work-assignments.

What is a Hope Rehab program?

Today so much more is understood about addiction, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) sounds highbrow but actually has produced a user friendly guide to what addiction is and what recovery is. We have woven this modern approach into a traditional CBT and 12 Step treatment program, making us certainly one of the best treatment centers in the world.

“Hello, I just have to share this with you Simon!!

What a morning. I woke up in floods of tears reflecting on 90 days clean and sober today. I just had tears of joy pouring out of me. I literally cannot believe it. I didn’t think it was possible. I found myself a sponsor. She is amazing! She’s a hard ass who seems to know how to communicate with me so that I don’t shut down. I’m excited to start step one with her. And I feel like I can’t take any credit. I found myself thanking God. So hows this for cool: I accidentally read June 10 of the just for today book yesterday, so I decided to read June 9 today. And how perfect. My higher power did a magic little switcheroo on me!! It says, just for today I will acknowledge the miracle of my recovery and be grateful that I’ve found it. I got down on my knees for the first time this morning, since I begged god to help me before I went into rehab. And I prayed. I’m really overcome today. I couldn’t have done any of this without you and everyone at Hope. I love you all so much. 90 days isn’t a lot of time, but you know this has already been beyond my wildest dreams so I can’t even imagine what the future holds. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. All in all, feeling good!! Hope you are all also well. Thank you for letting me share that with you!! K___ NZ”

For more information on our programme click here or contact us directly with an enquiry.

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