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Hope Rehab Licensing & Training Professionals

Hope Rehab Licensing & Training Professionals

Hope Rehab Thailand is an FDAP Affiliated Service, Simon Mott is certified APCB (Asia Percific Board) and a qualified Counsellors from the UK, NAADAC member addiction experts of many disciplines and experience make up the team. Hope Rehab is licensed to operate by the local authority in Chonburi, Thailand and have full support from the Government.  Hope conforms to all criteria and passed all inspections by the local authority and hospital. Thanyarak Institute who are responsible for Licensing Thai Rehabs are currently processing our full rehab license which takes time but we will get the official paperwork shortly.

Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad are the co-founders of Hope Rehab, they met while working at Cabin Rehab in Chiang Mai, Simon was the Manager and Head Counsellor for 3 years and Alon was the Meditation, Fitness and Yoga coach. After a very successful 3 year career there helping to build a 5 star reputation within the treatment industry, they decided to branch out and create a new facility on coast, and so it was that Hope Rehab was conceived.

Hope also provides training services to the domestic Govenment Thai Rehab system. The full Rehab Licensing process is complicated and takes about 3 to 4 years in Thailand, we know this from our previous experience in Chiang Mai. Hope is an approved international treatment centre by all the relevant governing bodies, and all our therapists are fully trained and licensed.

Hope Training Thailand
Hope Rehab Charitable Foundation – Hope Rehab Donates one free treatment place to Thai nationals per month and has Thai interns training to be counsellors. Hope also runs a self-help group for Thais with a local Doctor. We are also engaged with Training the Thai Rehab system.

Background: The Hope foundation is a vehicle for Hope Rehab Center to give freely to Thailand and the local community in Chonburi.

The launching of Hope Foundation – The project is designed and funded by Simon Mott and sub-lieutenant Alon Kumsawad, the owners and founders of Hope rehab Center Thailand located in Chonburi.

Purpose of Hope foundation Our overall goal is to help improve addiction treatment in Thailand for public benefit. Our intention is to share our western drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. This will be achieved by providing free training to Thai healthcare, rehab staff and the public.

Hope Rehab Training Days

The majority of our clients at Hope Rehab come from international destinations, but our team also works closely with the Thai Ministry of Public Health (????????????????) to improve the quality of addiction treatment locally. This is something we feel passionate about, and it is our way of giving something back to the wonderful country we now call home.

How Hope Rehab Works with the Local Community

It is our vision that all citizens of Thailand will be able to access quality addiction treatment and aftercare. We know there are some local rehabs doing great work, but there is a serious lack when it comes to aftercare. This is why we are now working with our colleagues in the Thai Ministry of Public Health to improve the situation. One way we do this is by sharing our knowledge and experience with local doctors, nurses, and therapists.

The easiest way for our team to get the message out is through our training days. This is where we provides seminars and workshops for local health professionals and other interested parties. We travel to various cities and towns in Thailand to give these presentations, and they have been very well received. At Hope Rehab we are committed to evidence-based approaches to recovery, and out Thai colleagues are hungry for any tools that will help their clients.

The Firm

Twelve Step Training Presentations Thai Public Rehab System

1, Recovery tools in treatment ppt training download Conferance Tool-Kit

2, CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy presentation ppt CBT part one & ppt CBT part two

3, Rehab Aftercare program ppt presentation  Download

4, Family program and family involvement presentation ppt Download

5, Mindfulness program training pdf

Another way we are getting involved in the local community is by encouraging the growth of recovery meetings. This is something we feel needs to be a key component of an effective aftercare program. There are AA/NA meetings in the main tourist areas in Thailand, but this type of fellowship is absent from most of the country. Our team offers advice on setting up these groups, and we provide training to health professional on how to encourage the spread of these meetings.

Hope Rehab Is Honoured To Serve The People Of Thailand

The team at Hope Rehab feels honored to be able to work with the Thai Ministry of Public Health in these endeavors to improve addiction treatment in Thailand. We are working hard to build our reputation as a center of excellence, and these invitations to share our knowledge is evidence we are making progress.

As well as our training days, we are also in the process of setting up The Hope Charitable Trust Foundation with the aim of:

  • Prevention of substance abuse in Thailand
  • Public education
  • Education of rehab staff
  • Harm reduction
  • Fund treatment places

Who Attends Our Training Days?

Our training days are delivered to audiences made up of a diverse population of addiction specialists and related professionals working in Thailand. Here is an example of the background of our audience from a training day we provided in Hat Yai (12-13 February 2015)

70 attendees

– Nurses 53
– Psychologists 4
– Social workers 2
– Occupational therapist 1
– Probation officers 1
– Public Health officers 5
– Prison officer 1


– 2 Rehabs
– 32 Hospitals
– 1 Prison
– 4 Juvenile observations
– 5 Local health centers
– 1 ONCB South
– 1 Probation
– 1 Public health officer.

Reports and Reviews of Hope Training Days in Thailand

Thank You Letter for Training – ???
Brief Report Summary for Training Hat Yai 2015


The Hope intern training program – Hundreds of BA, MA and PHD university students train at Hope every year to get live experience working with addicts, alcoholics and clients with mantle health issues.

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