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Ibogaine Rehab in Thailand

There are people who have found ibogaine treatment to be useful in overcoming drug addiction, but it certainly does not appear to work for everyone. There are also potential dangers associated with it that anyone considering it needs to take into account.

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Recovery from Covid Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction

Covid 19 has been like a massive storm that has passed through our lives and, at least for some of us, left behind lasting damage. Anxiety issues, depression, and substance abuse may be another obstacle that some of us will need to face.

Easter – A Time for Redemption

Easter is when Christians around the globe celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Recovery offers the chance of a new life following addiction. It is a type of resurrection.

Dealing with Adversity in Recovery – Podcast Episode 51

In this episode of the podcast, Penny shares her experience of adversity in recovery. Life continues to happen after we quit alcohol/drugs, and this means we need to face the bad as well as the good. Despite the many tough challenges Penny has faced during her 33 years of recovery, she never regrets ending her addiction.