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Should I Go to Thai Rehabs During the Rainy Season?
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Thailand Rainy Season

The rainy season in Thailand officially goes from July to October – although there are often periods of heavy rain before and after this. This change in weather happens because of an air pressure imbalance between the land and the oceans of Southeast Asia. During the rainy season, high pressure cooler air comes in from the sea to replace the low pressure warmer air that has risen into the atmosphere because of the hot season (warm air rises). This seasonal shift causes periods of heavy rain – it is commonly referred to as a monsoon weather.

Those of us who have never witnessed monsoon rain are usually impressed by its ferocity. It is not like anything we experience in the west, and it can seem as if the rain is falling in solid sheets. Standing out in it can actually be surprisingly enjoyable so long as you have some dry clothes to change into afterwards and you aren’t in a rush to get somewhere– it is like being in a warm shower.

The weather during the rainy seasons continues to be sunny and warm most of the time. It doesn’t rain every day, and when it does rain, it usually only lasts for an hour or so – usually in the evenings.

Should I Go to Rehab in Thailand During the Rainy Season?

If you have never experienced the rainy season, you may be wondering if this is a good time of the year to go to a Thai rehab. You may be concerned the weather could spoil things for you by somehow getting in the way of your treatment.

The rainy season doesn’t have much of an impact on the treatment program at Hope. Clients may sometimes have to use umbrellas, and we may have to rearrange outings if there is a predicted downpour, but other than this, it is life as normal. We still get plenty of sunny days on the beach, and there can actually be some benefits to going to rehab at this time of year.

Benefits of Choosing Thai Rehabs During the Rainy Season

Nicer Weather

Those of us who have spent a bit in time in Thailand usually greet the arrival of the rainy season with a sense of relief. The hot season (the season before the rainy season) can sometimes get a bit uncomfortable, but now there are many days when the temperature feels perfect.

Thailand Feels Less ‘Touristy’ During the Rainy Season

One of the other nice things about staying in a Thai rehab during the rainy season is you get to experience something most visitors miss. This is the low season for tourism, and this means attractions are less busy, and there is more opportunity to experience the friendliness of the locals.

Cheaper Flights to Thailand

Even though this is the high summer season in many parts of the world, it is usually possible to pick up cheap flights to Thailand during the rainy season – there can be some great deals available if you do your research.

Don’t Use the Rainy Season as an Excuse to Delay Addiction Treatment

Even after we are able to admit that we have a problem with alcohol or drugs, there can still be this strong temptation to delay addiction treatment. If we are interested in going to a Thai rehab, we may use the excuse of the rainy season to wait awhile. This can be a mistake. The sooner you get help for your problems, the less harm you will cause to yourself and those you love.

If you would like to find out more about Thai rehabs during the rainy season, please contact us right away for a chat.

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