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Rehabs in Udon Thani
Udon Thani Samlor by Ilya P (Wikimedia Commons)

Are You an Expat Looking for Addiction Help in Udon Thani?

It is not hard to understand why foreign visitors fall in love with Udon Thani. The city manages to provide all modern conveniences such as restaurants, gyms, cafes, and department stores without compromising its Issan charm – the cost of living is also cheaper than the more touristy cities in Thailand. It is a place most visitors want to come back to and many dream of moving to Udon permanently.

The dream of living in Udon Thani can easily turn sour for those who develop a problem with alcohol or drugs. Much of the local expat social scene is based around drinking, and it can be difficult to make friends with expats outside of the bars. Living in Thailand can be a lonely business for a foreigner – especially for those who move to the more rural areas of Udon – and one way to cope with this loneliness is to turn to alcohol for comfort.

Prescription drug abuse can also be a problem for expats living in Udon. Our clients tell us that it is much easier to persuade a doctor to prescribe habit forming medication (e.g. opiates or sedatives) here in Thailand than it is in most western countries – especially in the private hospitals and clinics. The fact that a drug is prescribed doesn’t make it any less dangerous if you are abusing it.

If you are an expat with an addiction problem living in Udon, your situation is likely to keep deteriorating until you get help. If you don’t want your dream of living in Thailand to become a nightmare, you need this help sooner rather than later.

Addiction Services in Udon Thani

Hope Rehab Thailand
Rehabs in Udon Thani – Hope Rehab Thailand

Rehabs in Udon Thani

If you develop a problem with alcohol or drugs, it can be almost impossible to escape this downward spiral without some type of help. Going it alone is unlikely to work because your own mind will be working against you – you may sincerely want to quit, but once you are addicted, the pull back to this behavior is going to be strong. The challenge isn’t so much stopping but in staying stopped.

For most of us, the best chance we have of recovery is going to be by entering a rehab program. It means being in a supportive environment where all the resources we need to change are easily available. The goal of an inpatient treatment program is far more than just getting you to quit alcohol or drugs – it is all about helping you create a life where you no longer need these mind/mood altering substances.

Unfortunately, there are no rehab programs in Udon Thani, so you will need to look further afield if you want to have the best chance of recovery from addiction. Here at Hope Rehab in Sri Racha, we offer an international standard program that utilizes the latest evidence-based treatments as well as local practices (e.g. Thai massage and mahasati meditation) that can be of value to people in early recovery.

To find out more about what our treatment program can offer you, please contact us by phone or email

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