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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Koh Samui Thailand

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Koh Samui Thailand

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Are You Considering Drug Rehabs on Koh Samui?

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs on Koh Samui in Thailand is not possible now as there are no Rehabs located there. However Hope Rehab in Thailand is also on the coast and provides the same island feel. Koh Samui is better known as being a place to go for a holiday, but there are also options here for those looking for addiction treatment. This is the second-largest of the Thai islands, and it has its own international airport. The tourist industry is booming, and the infrastructure is pretty good. Samui is undoubtedly a beautiful place to recover from addiction although it may be worth considering other options in Thailand (although, we would say this as we are biased towards our own facility).

Substance Abuse on Koh Samui

Heavy drinking is common with many of the visitors and expats on Koh Samui. For the majority of holidaymakers, this is just a temporary period of overindulgence that doesn’t lead to any lasting damage. Unfortunately, foreigners do frequently end up in serious trouble due to their excessive alcohol consumption while on the island. In some cases, these casualties of the drinking culture on Samui are functioning alcoholics who lose control, but there are also people who develop a problem for the first time while here.

Thailand has a great reputation as a provider of high-quality western-style addiction treatment

Despite the harsh penalties for illegal drug use in Thailand, there are still plenty of foreign visitors who use these substances while on the island. Yaa baa (crazy medicine) is the local version of methamphetamine, and psychoactive mushrooms are also found locally. There are also plenty of reports of people buying other substances such as heroin, amphetamine, and cocaine from dealers on Samui.

The high level of substance abuse on the island means that some of those looking for rehabs on Samui will already be staying here – although, the majority of those who go there for addiction treatment will be coming from abroad. Thailand has developed a great reputation as a provider of high-quality western-style addiction treatment, and people are willing to travel from every corner of the globe.

Rehabs on Koh Samui

Other addiction resources on Koh Samui include:

Alternatives to Rehabs on Koh Samui

The addiction treatment options on Koh Samui are limited – there are currently (November 2015) only 12 inpatient rehab beds available. The secret to breaking free of addiction is combining your determination with the right resources so you need to decide if rehabs on Koh Samui can provide what you need. It makes sense to think about other options beyond Samui, and we would like you to consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand.

Benefits of treatment at Hope Rehab

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The holistic program we offer at Hope provides everything you need to build a solid foundation in recovery. We use a number of evidence-based approaches including mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, CBT, and 12-step work to give you the best chance of success. Our facility is located on a secluded hill overlooking the Gulf of Thailand – we are a safe distance from the popular touristy areas but not so far to make us inconvenient in regards to transportation (we are less than an hour away from Bangkok International Airport).

If you have not found what you are looking for by searching for rehabs on Koh Samui, maybe it’s time to contact us here in Sri Racha.