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Help Finding Rehabs in Vietnam

by Hope Rehab Team

Are You Not Finding Appropriate Addiction Treatment in Vietnam?

Addiction help and treatment options in Vietnam are limited. The authorities claim there are over 100 inpatient rehabs across the country for Vietnamese nationals, but these facilities have been referred to as ‘forced labor camps by Human Rights Watch – those individuals who are sent there can be detained for up to 4 years, and there have been accusations of torture.

The exact number of expats living in Vietnam is unknown – the official figure is 40,000 but the majority of long-term foreign guests don’t get counted in the statistics. There tends to be a culture of alcohol abuse, as well as other types of substance abuse, among tourists and expats, and a significant number of them end up in trouble as a result. The addiction help options in the country are limited, and there are currently no inpatient programs suitable for expats.

Rehabs in Vietnam – Addiction Treatment in Vietnam

French Hospital of Hanoi (Hôpital Français de Hanoï) – psychiatric and counselling services
Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous Vietnam

Is the Lack of Appropriate Rehabs in Vietnam Going to be a Problem?

Some people do manage to recover without entering an inpatient program or getting addiction help in Vietnam, but going it alone doesn’t seem to work for many of us. The problem is that once our lives become ensnarled in alcohol or drug abuse, it can be incredibly hard to break free.

Making even small changes to our lives can be difficult but with physical and psychological addiction, it can feel as if our own brain is working against us. This means that even though we genuinely want to quit, and we have good reasons to do so, we just can’t seem to be able to stay quit, thats why addiction help in Vietnam is important.

Addiction help in Vietnam – Hope Rehab

There are a number of reasons for why an inpatient program gives you the best chance of recovery such as:

• It means you will be able to put all of your attention and energies into transforming your life.

• You will be in an environment that supports recovery.

• You will be protected from stress and other factors that trigger the addictive behavior – this protection greatly increases the likelihood of you reaching long-term recovery.

• You will have access to all the tools (e.g. CBT and mindfulness) you need to begin your recovery.

• You can benefit from intensive therapy – this means you can begin looking at the reasons behind the addictive behavior.

• By the time you complete a quality rehab program, you should have a strong foundation on which to build your new life.

Alternative to Rehabs in Vietnam

Going to rehab may be what is needed in order for you to be able to transform your life. At present, you are unlikely to find appropriate rehabs in Vietnam, so we suggest you come to us here in Thailand. Our international standard program at Hope Rehab has a reputation for getting results, and we attract clients from every corner of the globe.

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