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Rehabs in Sweden
Stockholm – image by Gamla Stan

Drugs May Be Out of Sight but Are Not Out of Mind in Sweden

Sweden has some of the strictest laws in Europe created to stop illegal drug use, but one of the effects of this harsh approach is it has driven this behavior further underground. This means it can be harder for those caught up in the hell of addiction to find an escape.

The illegal recreational drugs that are most commonly abused in Sweden include cannabis, amphetamine, ecstasy, LSD, and opiates (e.g. heroin and fentanyl). There is also a significant number of solvent abusers – this is especially prevalent among teenagers.

Alcohol is expensive in Sweden, but the prohibitive price has not prevented around 4.4 per cent of the populationfrom developing a drinking problem. The Swedish don’t engage in much weekday drinking, but they can more than make up for this at the weekends. Binge drinking has become the norm, and it is definitely possible to become alcoholic without drinking every day.

Addiction Help in Sweden

Over the last few decades, the focus of the authorities in Sweden has mostly been around preventing drug and alcohol abuse, but there are some treatment options available. In 2013, there were 31,377 people getting help for addiction problems across the country. Opiate substitution treatment (methadone or buprenorphine) is available in Sweden, and there were around 3,700 people choosing this option in 2013. Some sources of addiction help in Sweden include:

• Narcotics Anonymous Sweden (Anonyma Narkomaner)
• Alcoholics Anonymous Sweden (Anonyma Alkoholister)
• SMART Recovery Sweden
• Rainbow Sweden

Will You Be Able to Find Appropriate Addiction Help in Sweden?

If you, or someone you care about, has developed an addiction problem, it can be difficult to escape this situation without appropriate resources and support. There is not yet one solution to substance abuse that works for everyone. It is a complex condition that often involves other issues such as unresolved trauma, anxiety disorder, depression, self-esteem issues, and social anxiety. To have the best chance of recovery, you need to match your needs with a program capable of addressing these needs.

There is no guarantee that any motivation to escape addiction will last long-term – it is so easy to fall back into denial. It is vital to make the most of this window of opportunity while it lasts. If you are not able to find the help you need in Sweden, we suggest you consider coming to Hope Rehab Thailand.

Hope Rehab Thailand as an Alternative to Rehabs in Sweden

So why would consider traveling to Thailand instead of choosing from one of the rehabs in Sweden? Well, maybe because:

• Hope Rehab Thailand offers an internationally respected program with a history of getting results
• It provides affordable addiction treatment
• The Hope Rehab Thailand program combines a number of approaches including Mindfulness Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, Wellness Therapy, SMART Recovery, and 12 Step Work.
• Thailand can be the perfect location to begin building a new life away from addiction
• The warm sunny climate can help create the right mental conditions to being your transformation

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