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Rehabs in Brisbane

Hope Rehab Clients Walking The Grounds
Hope Rehab Clients Walking The Grounds

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Brisbane

The most commonly abused drugs in Brisbane are methamphetamine, alcohol, and cannabis. In recent years, there has been huge concern about the rising use of crystal meth (ice) in the city – an article in the Brisbane Times earlier this year (May 2015) reported that 40 per cent of criminals arrested and brought to the Roma Street watch house tested positive for methamphetamine.

Those of us who fall into the trap of addiction never plan for it to happen. In the beginning, alcohol and drug can feel like the answer we have always been looking for – a way to feel comfortable in our own skin. By the time we realize that the negative effects of substance abuse far outweigh the benefits, we are already hooked.

Escaping drug addiction can be so much harder than the process of developing this problem. It is often too much for us to manage alone – it isn’t just stopping that is the problem but staying stopped. An inpatient treatment center can offer the best chance of recovery and rehabs in Brisbane can provide you with the tools you need to build a new life.

Rehabs in Brisbane

• Logan House
• Palladium Private

Other addiction services available in the Brisbane area:

• Brisbane Recovery Services (Salvation Army)
• Teen Challenge
• Addiction Recovery (Queensland Government)
• Addiction Medicine Specialists
• Alcoholics Anonymous
• SMART Recovery
• Narcotics Anonymous

Trouble Finding Rehabs in Brisbane

There is a severe shortage of rehabs in Brisbane as well as elsewhere in Australia. A recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald described how people need to wait months to access even basic treatment – the addiction specialist are overwhelmed by demand, and there is no sign of things improving any time soon.

An increasing number of people caught up in addiction in Australia are responding to the treatment crisis by going abroad for help. A recent documentary on SBS – last resort rehab – followed Australians coming to us at Hope Rehab as well as other options in Thailand. If you are struggling to find the help you need for yourself or a loved one in Brisbane, this is an option you might want to consider.

Alternative to Rehabs in Brisbane – Hope Rehab Thailand

Choosing Hope Rehab Thailand makes sense for a number of reasons:

• It means you will avoid possibly waiting months for treatment.

• Rehab in Thailand tends to be significantly cheaper than private rehabs in Australia.

• Hope Rehab offers an holistic program containing evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness, CBT, 12-step therapy, and wellness therapy.

• By coming to Thailand, you will be protected from your usual environment triggers (e.g. drug using friends or family stress) – this can be a huge help in early recovery.

• Hope Rehab offers individualized treatment planning rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ – our team has plenty of experience with helping clients overcome methamphetamine, alcohol, and other types of drug addiction.

• The majority of the team at Hope Rehab are in recovery so they have a good understanding of what you are going through

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Hope Rehab Center Thailand

If rehabs in Brisbane are not going to provide what you need, contact us now to hear more about our solution

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