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Best Rehabs in Australia

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Rehabs in Australia are now located in Thailand

Rehabs in Australia has given way to Thailand as its become an attractive option for Australians who are looking for help to overcome addiction problems. These are often people who feel dissatisfied with the approach used by rehabs in Australia, and they are willing to travel abroad to access more effective treatments.

Problems with the Approach Used by Rehabs in Australia

The majority of foreign clients in Thai rehabs come from Rehabs in Australia, and there are a couple of reasons for what this is the case. It is easier for Australians to travel here than for people from Europe or the US, but this doesn’t fully explain the high numbers arriving for treatment. When we chat with our clients from that part of the world, they describe a situation at home where their choices are limited. There say they just couldn’t find an appropriate solution open to them other than to go abroad, and they are grateful to have this option.

Rehabs in Australia tend to favour a psychiatric pharmaceutical approach. This form of treatment may work for somepeople, but it certainly doesn’t work for everyone. For those who want to escape dependency on drugs altogether, it doesn’t feel like much progress to be prescribed even more drugs by psychiatrists. This is not to say that such medications don’t have their place, but using medications often fails when it comes to long-term treatment.

A common complain I hear from Australian clients is that they feel like they have been treated like a bunch of symptoms rather than as a person when they went looking for help at home. This medicalization of the problem can leave people feeling powerless and at the mercy of the professionals. It can also mean that they don’t feel in control of their own recovery in Rehabs in Australia.

The other problem is that too many rehabs in Australia are under pressure due to high demand and lack of resources. Here is what one of our clients had to say about the situation back home:

“…treatment in hospital and psychiatric settings, mixed in with clients suffering mental illnesses not relevant to addiction such as schizophrenia, or government-funded treatment with long waiting lists and a client group including often unmotivated court-ordered addicts.”

The Danger of Choosing an Inappropriate Recovery Option

We always advise our clients to treat this chance for recovery as if it were there last one because the reality is it could very well be. This willingness to change is a precious commodity, so it needs to be unitised as effectively as possible. It is all about matching this passion to change with the right resources, so choosing an appropriate rehab is vital.

Some clients can be so put off by their experiences of rehabs in Australia that they begin to lose hope of ever being able to overcome their problems. These are people who feel unable to overcome addiction without help, but they feel the help they need is not there. Some of these individuals end up blaming themselves for being stuck when the problem is often that they haven’t yet had access to the right resources.

It has mostly likely taken a great deal of suffering for you to reach this point where you feel ready to change. This can be the start of something wonderful, but you need access to the right resources if you want to have the best chance of making this work. You probably already guess entering an addiction treatment center can greatly increase your likelihood of success (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this), but you may be disappointed at the available options you find when you go looking for rehabs in Australia.

A large proportion of our clients at Hope Rehab Thailand come from Australia. These are people who just couldn’t find appropriate treatment options at home. The reality is that unless you have a lot of money, you may struggle to find an appropriate private rehab in Australia – an addiction facility like The Sanctuary at Byron Bay can cost as much as AU $65,000! The rehabs in the large cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth tend to be overcrowded with therapists struggling to cope with their workload. Our Australia clients also tell us there options at home are discouragingly limited with many facilities treating addicts alongside clients with severe mental health problems – too often this involves a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

We don’t want to appear overly critical of rehabs in Australia, and it is certainly not all bad, but it is fair to say the current system is not serving every Australian in need of addiction help. This could be your only chance to start again in recovery, and it would terrible outcome if this opportunity was lost. Thankfully, there are alternatives to rehabs in Australia, and the one we want you to consider is Hope Rehab Thailand.

The Need for Alternatives to Rehabs in Australia

It is believed that one in five Australians (over the age of 14) drink alcohol at a level that puts them in danger of serious mental and physical health consequences (Source: AIHW 2011). On average, four people die every twenty-four hours due to drug overdoses and deaths due to opiate addiction is on the rise and the situation in regards to meth abuse is alarming. The National Drug Strategy continues to focus on strategies for demand reduction, harm reduction, and supply reduction, more Rehabs in Australia but more needs to be done to help people to escape substance abuse.

We have noticed a significant increase in the number of our clients who are looking for help dealing with prescription drug addiction. This has becoming a huge problem in Australia.  A report in the Herald Sun, couple of years ago, claimed there was about 100,000 people dealing with this type of dependency, and this number has only gotten higher since then.

The situation with rehabs in Australia means that an increasing number of people are willing to go abroad for help. These are individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own health, and this means making informed choices and accessing the right resources.

Hope Rehab Thailand Where Amazing Transformations Happen Every Day

It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but the transformations our clients undergo while staying at Hope Rehab are often nothing short of miraculous. People can arrive here in terrible shape, both physically and mentally, yet within a few days there is always a noticeable improvement. It’s such a privilege to observe those who have been struggling as they transform into confident and capable people –this path of transformation is something all of our therapists appreciate from personal experience, as we all overcame our own addiction problems.

The reason our rehabilitation program at Hope Rehab is so successful is that we create our program around the individual needs of each client. We make use of evidence-based approaches including CBT, mindfulness, 12-step work, and wellness therapy. Our unique recovery coaching program supports you as you learn to function in the real world without using drugs and alcohol.

Hope Rehab Thailand provides the ideal environment for addiction recovery. Our center is located in an area of great natural beauty overlooking the Gulf of Siam. You will have plenty of work to do if you want to create a strong foundation for your new life, but there will also be time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Thailand.

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Choose Hope Rehab Center Thailand for Addiction Recovery

We offer a holistic approach to recovery here at the Hope Rehab Center, and we treat you like an individual. Our job is to provide you with a therapeutic environment along with the resources you need to take control of your life. We will take the time to find out what you want from sobriety, and we will give you the tools you need to create this future.

We also have fun days out on our local island on the weekends…

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