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Rehab for xanax addiction
Xanax Tablets

What is Xanax?

Xanax (Alprazolam) belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines (benzos). When ingested, this medication interacts with neurotransmitters (specifically gamma-Aminobutyric acid) in the central nervous system in such a way as to produce a sense of calm. Xanax is commonly prescribed by doctors for the treatment of anxiety disorder, panic attacks, severe phobias, and occasionally as a premedication (pre-med) prior to surgery.

Why Do People Become Addicted to Xanax?

Xanax has likely helped millions of people to better deal with anxiety, and it is generally safe to use so long as it is taken under doctor’s orders. Alprazolam is a schedule IV drug, and this means there is said to be a relatively low risk of addiction when compared to harder drugs such as opiates or amphetamines.

Regular users can and do become addicted to Xanax. Trouble often starts when the person begins to use this medication for reasons other than for why it was originally prescribed or they use alprazolam without a prescription (this is referred to as recreational use).

There is a temptation to abuse Xanax because this drug produces a number of pleasurable effects such as:

• A feeling of calmness
• Reduced perception of stress
• Improved mood
• Increased confidence
• Euphoric feelings
• Feeling less inhibited
• Relaxation
• A drowsy feeling that some of us find pleasurable

There is a high risk of abuse with Xanax because it produces effects that are similar to drinking alcohol. In fact, some people use it along with alcohol to increase the experience of intoxication.

Nobody sets out to become addicted to Xanax. Using this drug recreationally can seem harmless at first – what could be wrong with popping a pill now and again if it helps you feel a bit more relaxed at the end of a busy day? The risk is it doesn’t take long for an occasional Xanax to ‘take the edge off’ to become a habit, and once this happens, the person is well on the way to a full-blown addiction.


Dangers of Xanax Addiction

There are a number of unpleasant side-effects associated with Xanax including:

• Hallucinations
• Memory problems
• Increased clumsiness and problems with coordination
• Drowsiness
• Irritability
• Mood swings
• A reduced interest in life
• Slurred speech
• Upset stomach
• Loss of interest in food

Long-term abuse of Xanax could lead to problem such as:
• Depression
• Cognitive changes (e.g. a feeling of experience life through a fog)
• Seizures
• Restless leg syndrome
• Overdose
• Death
• Addiction
• Withdrawal symptoms

Xanax withdrawal symptoms usually last about four days, and it is important to be monitored during this time because of the risk of seizures, heart palpitations, and mental disturbances (e.g. extreme paranoia). It is usually best to taper off Xanax (this means the dosage is reduced over a period of time), as this approach reduces the likelihood of serious complication as a result of withdrawals.

Hope Rehab Thailand for Xanax Addiction

Hope Rehab Thailand provides the perfect environment and resources if you are looking to break free of Xanax addiction. Our internationally respected program includes a number of evidence-based approaches includingmindfulness therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step therapy, and wellness therapy. If you are wondering what we have to offer you, please contact a member of our team right away for a chat.

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