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Rehab for methadone
Chlorydrate de Méthadone

The Cost of Addiction

There is always going to be a price to pay if we are addicted to drugs. Some substances cause less harm than others (e.g. we may function better if we replace heroin with methadone), but all addictions involve negative physical, mental, social, and emotional consequences.

There can come a point with when we no longer feel willing or able to tolerate the negative impact a drug like methadone is having on our life. Unfortunately, it is much easier to fall into an addiction than it is to escape one. If this is the situation you (or a loved one) are facing, you will likely need some help and support to deal with this problem. Hope Rehab Thailand can provide what you need so you can escape the negative consequences of addiction and discover a much better way of living.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a type of strong analgesia (pain killer) known as an opiate. Most opiates (e.g. heroin and morphine) are derived from the opium plant, but this one is man-made drug created through chemical synthesis. Methadone has been designed to imitate certain properties of the other opiates, but it also differs from them in certain useful ways.

Even though methadone is a highly addictive opiate, it is now regularly used in many countries as a treatment for heroin or morphine addiction. The effects are longer lasting (over 24 hours) than heroin, and this substance is less damaging to the body and mind.

One of the claimed benefits of methadone replacement therapy for opiate addiction is it means the person may be able to live a more normal life than would be possible with heroin. It doesn’t provide a pleasurable drug high, but it does prevent the person from experiencing opiate withdrawals, and this may be enough to reduce the urge to use. The fact that the effects of methadone are long-lasting means the person can focus on normal stuff like holding down a job and meeting family responsibilities.

Methadone is in no way a perfect solution for the treatment of opiate addiction. Tolerance develops with long-term use, and there is a risk of overdose. It may ultimately be just swapping one type of drug dependence for another one.

Rehab for Addiction – Hope Rehab center Thailand

From Replacement Therapy to Full Recovery from Addiction

Most methadone replacement therapy programs aspire to lead at least some of the client to complete abstinence from opiates. The idea is the person reduces their usage safely over time until there is no longer any need for it. This solution can work for some people, but for many of us, it may be just as hard (if not harder) to give up methadone than heroin.

If you feel unable to break free of opiate dependence, it may be because you don’t have the right approach, support, and resources. At Hope Rehab Thailand, we have already helped many people to find freedom from addiction. If you are interested in what we may have to offer you, please contact us now by email or phone.

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