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Choose a Rehab for Addiction in Thailand

Choose a Rehab for Addiction in Thailand

Benefits of Choosing a Rehab for Addiction in Thailand

• You will be entering a supportive environment

• An inpatient program greatly increases your likelihood of reaching long-term recovery

• A supervised detox (this is offered by many inpatient rehab programs) means you will be kept safe and comfortable as your body adjusts to being without the drug

• A rehab for drugs programme provides you with all the tools you need to create a life where you no longer need to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope

• It means you will have easy access to all the resources you need to begin transforming your life

• Going to rehab shows you are taking your recovery seriously – it is this level of commitment that gives you the motivation to make permanent changes

• You will be surrounded by people who understand your situation (at Hope Rehab Thailand, almost all or our therapists/counsellors are in recovery)

• The purpose of this type of programme is far more ambitious than just getting you to stop taking drugs – the real aim is a building life you will love

• A quality inpatient programme should include sufficient therapy sessions for you to begin dealing with the issues driving you towards substance abuse

Rehab for Drugs – Which Program?

When searching for Rehab for Drugs It is important to understand that rehabs are going to differ in what they are capable of offering you. Some programmes may be better suited for specific types of drug abuse or specific types of client (e.g. teenage alcohol abuse). It is important when considering any program that you figure out if it is the right one for you. Some of the questions you might want to ask would include:

• Does the facility have a reputation for treating my particular addiction (e.g. heroin addiction or meth addiction)?

• Does the program work for multiple addictions?

• Will the program work if I have a dual diagnosis? This question is important if you are dealing with issues such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, or depression

• Does the program treat me as an individual or as an ‘addict’?

• Is the program holistic or is more of a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach?

• Is aftercare taking seriously?

Why Choose a Thai Rehab for Drugs?

If you have never before considered going abroad, the suggestion of coming to Thailand might seem like a big step at first. The reality is that this option can be surprisingly practical – it is relatively easy to arrange, and you are likely to find somewhere that can take you almost immediately. Thailand is the obvious choice for a foreign rehab because of our high quality rehab programmes available at affordable prices.

Hope Rehab Thailand offers an effective evidence-based programs tailored for addiction to drugs including:

• Methamphetamine (aka ice, meth, crystal meth, yaa baa)
• Heroin and other opiates (e.g. morphine or methadone)
• Prescription drugs
• Alcohol
• Cocaine
• Amphetamine
• Cannabis

Our approach for Rehab for Drugs is based around proven therapies for overcoming addiction including cognitive-based therapy, mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, and 12-step work.

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