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Hope Rehab for Addiction in Thailand

Hope Rehab for Addiction in Thailand

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Rehab for Addiction – Hope Rehab center Thailand

Why You Might be Wrong to Believe You Don’t Need Rehab for Addiction

Rehab for Addiction for those of us who fall into addiction usually struggle to appreciate the severity of our situation. Even after we are able to acknowledge that we do have ‘a bit of a problem’ with alcohol or drugs, we can still feel totally resistant to any type of help. The idea of going to an inpatient treatment program can appear way too extreme even it is this type of approach that gives us the best chance of recovery. Why is that we are such bad judges when it comes to judging the need for rehab for addiction?

We humans have a fantastic ability to ignore reality when it suits our purposes. It is not that we are always doing this consciously, it is just how the mind works as it attempts to protect our fragile ego.

“Most of us already know that drinking too much alcohol”

Most of us already know that drinking too much alcohol, or using recreational drugs, is dangerous, but we also have a strong urge to take the risk. This leads to a situation called cognitive dissonance, where we hold two contradictory ideas at the same time – we resolve this dissonance (mental conflict) by believing that we are somehow unique and able to avoid the well-known dangers of substance abuse. This denial (aka terminal uniqueness) also explains how we can be unable to see the need for rehab for addiction.

Rehab for Addiction

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Rehab for Addiction – Hope Rehab center Thailand

Who Needs Rehab for Addiction?

Most of us struggle to maintain even small changes to our lives, and breaking free of an addiction can be a major undertaking. A rehab program provides the perfect environment for this type of transformation, and it means you are surrounded by all the resources and support you need to succeed. Even if you only think you have ‘a bit of a problem’, it can still make sense to choose an inpatient program as it increases the likelihood of making the changes you want to your life.

Rehab for Addiction

“others have been struggling with addiction for years“

Here at Hope Rehab, we welcome people into our community who are at different stages of the addiction process. Some of them have realized that they have being ‘overdoing it’ and are looking for help to change – others have been struggling with addiction for years and they see us as their last chance. The only real qualification for admittance to our program is that you are willing to change.

Why Choose a Thai Rehab for Addiction Treatment, a few reasons…..?

  1. A completely new environment can make changing your life much easier.
  2. If you need to protect your anonymity, you can just tell people you are going to Thailand on holiday.
  3. We attract the best therapists/counsellors from around the globe because for many working in Thailand is their dream job.
  4. Hope Rehab is one of the top addiction treatment facilities in the world.
  5. Hope Rehab provides quality treatment at an affordable price.
  6. Hope Rehab provides an holistic approach with an emphasis on individualized care – i.e. we do not subscribe to the ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Read our other article 5 Reasons to Come to Thailand for Treatment for more information.

Contact us now if you are looking for an effective rehab for addiction or alcoholism in Thailand using our contact form on this website.

Rehab for Addiction by Paul Hope Rehab Thailand

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