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Ice Addiction Mindfulness Rehab Program
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Hope Mindfulness Workbook Notes
by Paul Garrigan

Philosophy behind the Hope Methamphetamine Addiction Mindfulness Rehab Program

There is always going to be a reason for why we start using drugs like methamphetamine. This motivation behind it is usually that we trying to find comfort, escape discomfort, or avoid boredom. It is perfectly reasonable to want these things for ourselves, but the problem is that methamphetamine does not provide a long-term answer – in fact, it makes us feel worse ultimately.

Even though methamphetamine is not capable of providing the happiness we yearn for, we are likely to keep on returning to this drug until we have a better option. This means that unless you find a new way of finding comfort, escaping discomfort, and avoiding boredom, you are unlikely to stay free of addiction.

The philosophy behind the Hope Rehab Mindful Compassion program is the secret to long-term freedom from ice addiction is for you to become comfortable in your own skin. This is something you will be able to achieve through a more objective relationship with thought, by developing a kinder attitude towards yourself, and by learning to be compassionate (the ability to be with discomfort).

What is Mindfulness?

The word ‘mindfulness’ can be hard to pin down exactly. Here are just some of the common definitions:

• Focusing on the present moment in an accepting way
• Being in the moment
• The act of returning attention to a mediation object
• “…paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

The definition of mindfulness we use at Hope is ‘being in the body.’ When we are focused on physical sensation, we are automatically in the moment and viewing reality in a non-judgemental way. By spending less time caught up the stories in our heads, we start to become comfortable in our own skin, and the need to use drugs like methamphetamine disappears.

Meditation What You Need
Hope Mindfulness Workbook Notes

Topics Covered in the Hope Methamphetamine Addiction Mindfulness Rehab Program

• How to develop a kinder attitude towards ourselves through metta (loving-kindness) practice
• Improving relationships through mindfulness and compassion
• Mindfulness to escape auto-pilot mode and self-obsession
• Shadow work
• Tonglen practice to develop self-compassion and compassion for others
• Using self-compassion to become comfortable in your own skin
• Mindfulness for anxiety, depression, and other negative mental states
• Management of cravings (urge surfing)
• Mindfulness to overcome social anxiety
• Insight meditation
• Mindful eating

Am I Suitable for a Methamphetamine Addiction Mindfulness Rehab Program?

Most of us find the theory behind mindfulness easy to grasp, but may be doubtful about our ability to participate in such a program. A major stumbling block may be the requirement to practice meditation. If this is not something you have done in the past, or it is something you have done but didn’t like, you may decide that mindfulness just isn’t for you. Methamphetamine abuse creates a lot of mental turmoil, and this also means the idea of sitting still and observing the mind can feel like a terrible idea.

Meditation is an important component for developing mindfulness, but we have found that it is something almost anyone can do so long as we go about it the right way. When you first arrive at rehab, your mind is likely to be all over the place, so we begin with a very simple practice of just mindfully playing with mala beads. We then gradually introduce other types of meditation as your mind begins to settle. Our program also focuses a lot on moving meditation (e.g. mahasati, walking meditation, tai-chi, and qigong), and these practices can be much easier for people in early recovery.

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