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Maria has worked at Hope Rehab as Senior Female Therapist since October 2015…..

“Working at Hope Rehab has been the most amazing experience I am working with a brilliant supportive team we are dedicated to helping the next suffering addict, it was my dream to work in Thailand what I love about Hope is that it has a real sense of community and I feel all my past experience’s and training have led to this, I also have really enjoyed being about to learn more about CBT we treat cross addiction not just the chemical addiction, but the addictive processes including behavioural difficulties, co-dependency. I am passionate about my work here at Hope we treat every client as an individual we not only treat them but we educate them as well through our CBT work book and the 12 steps so they can go on to fulfil great life’s in recovery”

Maria Patricia Rogers graduated with a counselling and psychotherapy higher diploma her studies involved the Integrative humanistic model this included the Person Centred Approach, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Neuroscience and Psychodynamic and Transactional Analysis she is a member of the BACP and adheres to the Ethical framework for good administrative practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and has an understanding of the Values, Principles and Personal Moral Qualities.

Maria has worked in the mental health field since 2007 where she worked as a health care assistant on all the wards within the Chelmsford priory hospital this work included Addiction, eating disorders, general mental health, adolescents with behavioural problems.

She carried out risk assessments observations and assisted with medication. Maria then went on to specialize in addiction where she trained at the north London priory hospital on their Addiction therapy program alongside Hilary Betts and Patrick Douglas Hamilton. Her other placements included working within an East London secondary school and 2 other 12 step rehabs.

Maria then run the day program within Synergy day care it was there she qualified in Auricular Acupuncture and Art therapy she compliments it with meditation groups and guided visualization.

“I like to use Creative Therapy and I will sometimes ask my clients to draw or paint as a means of self expression. Some people find it really hard to talk about their feelings but this approach can work well for them”

Most recently Maria was head hunted by Hilary Betts to work and help set up a new treatment centre called Sanctuary Lodge in Halsted this treatment centre specialize in the reparenting model based on Pia Melody’s approach from the meadows in Arizona.

Maria trained in the first part of their trauma program this involved inner child work and shame reduction. Maria facilitated various groups such as process groups step groups’ body maps collage groups what’s inside the box groups auricular acupuncture and meditation, one to one counselling, and after-care groups.

Maria has been in recovery for over 17 years, her life experience has been essential to this work as being in recovery herself knows what it’s like for her clients and understands the struggles of the disease of addiction.

Coinsidentalily Maria had a private practice in the Ardleigh Green family centre in Essex called “A Ray of Hope” previously.