What is Crystal Meth?

by Dylan Kerr

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the usage of Crystal Meth in Australia (methamphetamine).  Methamphetamine comes originally from World War 2, German scientists set about to try and make a powerful stimulant in order for their troops to fight harder.

Since its creation it has been favoured as a drug of choice for many across the globe, particularly across Australia, with areas such as Sydney, Perth and Melbourne being hit hard by problematic drug usage.

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What is Crystal Meth?

Methamphetamine, often called ice, is used by many different types of people, from young people clubbing with friends to highly functioning well paid individuals.

Meth use often begins recreationally and in small amounts. The first experience is one of euphoria, peace of mind and exhilaration. The user finds themselves experience a greater sense of awareness along with the dispelling of any other negative feelings.

Pathologically speaking, all the reward pathways in the brain are lit up like a Christmas tree when you use methamphetamine.  Whilst it can be a highly rewarding experience and feels very good this also makes the drug dangerously addictive!  Many casual users of the drug quickly find themselves becoming addicts to methamphetamine.  One major worry from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s research in America has shown that users experience joy in very little else whilst on the drug.

The cost of Methamphetamine:

Victoria Police have positively indicated meth-use as main antagonist in several murders in Australia. Health officials have warned their services are seeing a rise in the number of fatal over-doses in methamphetamine usage in Australia.  As well impacting on the individual’s health, the injecting culture around methamphetamine puts everyone at risk of blood-born-viruses.  Although many start out with no intention of injecting with tolerance levels soaring quickly, some find this is the only way they can get high off the drug.

The possession of methamphetamine is a crime and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime sees methamphetamine usage as a worldwide threat.  Laws in Australia treat possession and sale of methamphetamine with very severe penalties.

The “ICE- AGE”:

The 2012-13 Australian Crime Commission report released in May 2014 showed a dramatic increase of methamphetamine, with amphetamine-type synthetic chemical seizures rising by 513% in the last ten years!  The problem has increase so much it has been dubbed the “ice age” by the media.

Victoria Police and health officials are reporting their services are overwhelmed to respond to the issue.

This is causing increasing concern for users, parents and loved ones.  With help so limited in Australia, no strong paradigms of treatment, meth-use so widely spread and Australian drug treatment so poor – there are very few affordable options recovery in Australia.

The cure for Methamphetamine:

There is no known cure for methamphetamine addiction.  There is no magic pill, no detox and no worthwhile substitute for meth.   Methamphetamine addiction is a psychological addiction that exists within the brain.  It can only be treated by an in-depth process of intensive psychological treatment, away from the source.  Anyone seriously seeking to overcome their addiction to methamphetamine needs to break down their previous patterns of behaviour, learn new coping skills, deal with triggers, come to terms with issues from the past and build a new life. Many people from Australia, cities such as Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, see coming to Hope Rehab Centre Thailand as a positive step to rebuilding their new life, away from the drug, away from previous associates and on the pathway to long-term sustainable recovery.

The process of treatment at Hope Rehab Centre Thailand works by taking the user away from their using environment which is fundamental to getting a break from meth-usage. Here the client works through an intensive process of self-discovery, learning new coping skills through groups and one-to-one counselling. The model of treatment takes care of the client’s needs holistically, by working with their mental, physical and spiritual requirements. Learning to enjoy a new life in the community away from the harm and misery of meth. To book a place or find out more, contact us now.

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