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Why has Methamphetamine Become Such a Problem in Melbourne?

Ice Addiction in Melbourne and Methamphetamine abuse has been described as the ‘biggest drug problem facing Australia’ (source: The Guardian). The amount of ice addiction in Melbourne is of particular concern and it appears an ‘entire generation’ of youth is at risk.

‘Deputy Commissioner Ashton said Victoria had never before experienced an illegal drug problem as bad as the ice one it was currently facing.’

Herald Sun – Australia Warned Its Ice Problem Reaching Pandemic Proportions (April 30, 2014)

Ice Addiction in Melbourne (aka crystal meth) has managed to hook thousands of Melbournians/Victorians because this drug is relatively cheap and easy to find in the city. There is also a high amount of heroin abuse locally, but the unreliability of supply and purity of this substance means it has been overtaken in popularity by methamphetamine. Overall, it is believed that 1.3 million people in Australia have at least tried ice and a significant proportion of them have gone on to abuse the drug long-term.

Methamphetamine is a particularly nasty drug to become addicted to, and the long-term effects can completely destroy a person’s life. People usually begin using ice as a ‘party drug’ – it promises a way to stay up all night and feel more sociable. It doesn’t take long to develop a tolerance to ice though, and this means the person needs to take more and more of the drug to get the same effect. The comedown from methamphetamine is nasty, and this encourages people to keep taking more of the drug in order to avoid the comedown.

Ice abuse can be incredibly damaging to a person’s mental health. It can lead to depression, chronic anxiety, chronic insomnia, paranoia, delusions, and personality changes. Methamphetamine can also damage practically every organ in the body.

Help for Ice Addiction in Melbourne

The extent of ice addiction in Melbourne has taken the authorities by surprise, and this is particularly noticeable when it comes to addiction recovery services in Victoria. Detoxes are turning people away (or put them on a long waiting list) because they don’t have the space and the resources to help them. There are some private rehabilitation facilities but these can be too expensive for the average person to pay.

Another problem people may face when looking for ice addiction help in Melbourne is there tends to be an overemphasis on the psychiatric approach. This may work for some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone. What often happens with this approach is the person goes looking for help to overcome one drug only to end up dependent on another one only this time it is prescribed. This is not to say that drugs shouldn’t play a place in recovery, but there are concerns of a tendency to over-prescribe medication as an easy answer to this type of problem.

My story on Ice Addiction in Melbourne- by Jason

From Meth addiction to international recovery

I lost friends, friends who didn’t want to stick around while I destroyed myself, friends who I pushed away because of their concern for me. Over time my friends who I loved and cared for were replaced by fellow addicts, people pretending to be my friend to get to the drugs. Finally I reached out to my mum and she took me in. We found Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand. Thanks to my mum, I was able to be treated at this wonderful place for 3 months. A place that gave me a sense of safety I hadn’t felt in years. A place free of judgement, only understanding and the place where I found myself again. The person I am today without drugs.

I will never be able to thank Hope and the team enough, my Mum has her son back and I have my life back, I am 1 year clean and back at work. I would not trade the worse day of recovery for the best day of my using. Jason”

Help Abroad for Ice Addiction in Melbourne

If you feel your treatment center options in Melbourne are a bit limited, you can always travel abroad to find the help you need. At Hope Rehab Thailand, we offer a high quality evidence-based program that is based around your individual needs. Our team has extensive experience helping people deal with methamphetamine addiction from Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

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Ice Addiction in Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Ice Addiction in Melbourne

If you are seriously stuck and your life is going down the tubes then contact us now. We understand and will help guide you out of the mess you have got into and ice addiction in Melbourne. Of course we want you to come to Hope Rehab and work with us on your addiction.

Hope is growing from strength to strength mainly due to Ice Addiction in Melbourne and our Australian clients and our program is probably the best and most effective program in the world. Below I have written a bit about our program.

Counseling and Therapy: Tell your counselor everything, they are a special person who is there to help you

Group work: open up to the group and listen to the feedback.

CBT: This stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Known as short term therapy with long term results. Identify what gives rise to your negative thinking.

Addiction program: Create some health daily rituals

Mindfulness program: Meditate 5 minutes daily,preferably early in the morning and at night. Don’t forget the here and now, live in the present moment, don’t waste too much energy thinking about the past or future.

Fitness and exercise program: I say “get up bright and early before your addiction wakes up”. You will take charge of the day and your thinking. And drink a grass of water.

Treatment assignment tasks: Hope workbook is 100 pages long, so plenty to do, good news is it is simple but effective. Goal setting like the paradoxical behaviours to do that help change life-long habits.

Activities: Weekend activities include many new sober fun things to do – The clients usually choose to go to the beach.

Relapse Prevention: These classes raise your awareness and teach you to manage triggers and cravings for cannabis.

Aftercare: We begin your aftercare plan before you leave Rehab and as part of treatment, you will also sign up to the aftercare online groups.

Gratitude therapy: Write a daily list and be grateful for the difficult times and what you learn from them, Be grateful for your recovery, this increases the likelihood you will remain clean and sober.


Ice Addiction in Melbourne by Simon 

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