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Sri Racha – The port of Siam: Deep-sea harbour and container port of Thailand

Sri Racha Thailand Port of Siam Hope Rehab Thailand

Sri Racha – The Perfect Location for Rehab

Sri Racha was carefully chosen by Hope founder Simon Mott and is the ideal location to transform your life; we have a perfect balance between functional and relaxing environment, a great choice of restaurants and things to do.

Change is always going to be more difficult when you are living in an environment that triggers your addictive behaviour. Here at Hope Rehab, the surroundings are going to affect the way you relate to recovery. By temporarily changing your environment, you can permanently change yourself.

Hope Rehab Thailand

The right environment can make a huge difference

Our founder, Simon Mott, was working as a head addiction counsellor in Northern Thailand when he began searching for the perfect location to open his own addiction rehab.

Over the years, he had seen plenty of evidence for how the right environment could make a huge difference to people who are trying to change their lives. Simon had a clear vision in his mind of what he wanted, and when he arrived in Sri Racha, he knew right away he had found what he was looking for.

Hope Rehab Thailand

What is it about Sri Racha that makes it the perfect location for transforming your life?

It’s a combination of things:

Congratulations on Sriracha! I know the area.. it really is a lovely town. I wish you nothing but success as you build what I’m sure will be wonderful and healing facility. Thailand truly is a country of surprises!! Thank you for playing an instrumental role in my recovery. Though I may not have always been able to accept/recognize it at the time, I’ve come to realize that you helped me a great deal while I was in treatment, and you will always have my gratitude.

– Warm Regards, Carole from Thailand

Sri Racha is an authentic Thai Town

Sri Racha (pronounced ‘see racha’) offers a side of Thailand that most tourists never get to see. This seaside town doesn’t attract too many tourists, so it isn’t jammed full of fast-food restaurants, souvenir shops, resorts, and bars. The people here are genuinely happy to welcome visitors, and this is not motivated by a desire to empty your pockets.

The pace of life in Sri Racha is much slower than the nearby tourist areas like Pattaya. You are going to be entering an environment that is different from what you are used to. This makes it easier for you to gain a new perspective on things. It also means being well away from the stress, temptation, and worries that would normally trigger the addictive behaviour.

Sri Racha offers peace and tranquility

Hope Rehab Center is located in a quiet residential area on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Siam. We have large gardens full of all types of exotic trees and flowers. Our facility is surrounded by a wall for increased privacy and seclusion.

There is a jungle right beside us that is home to a troop of monkeys and plenty of other exotic creatures. We have an excellent view of the sea.

Hope Rehab Thailand veranda

Sri Racha offers convenience

The other thing that makes Sri Racha the perfect location for a rehab facility is convenience. It’s no use to you if we have this wonderful community, but you can’t get to us.

Sri Racha is within easy reach of Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and we are only an hour away from Bangkok. There is an extensive motorway system in this area, so travelling around is usually hassle-free.

Tropical climate and lots of sunshine

The climate in Sri Racha is favourable all-year-round. Even during the rainy season, we have plenty of sunny days, and we don’t suffer as much from flooding as many other parts of the country.

The breeze from the Gulf of Siam means that there is some relief even on the hottest days. Some of our clients have a history of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Sri Racha and Beyond

We believe it is important that you get to experience a bit of Thailand during your stay with us. We offer a bridge to normal living, and this means being able to function in the real world. We do most of our exploring on the weekends, and you can expect to do exciting stuff like trekking in the jungle, riding elephants, enjoying the nearby beaches, and visiting temples. You’ll also get to visit some of the nearby islands on our private speedboat.

Temple Bells Sri Racha Thailand

The fishing village that gave the world Sri Racha Sauce

Sri Racha is famous around the world because of the hot chilli sauce named after the town. Up until recent decades, all that was here was just a small fishing village. The local people lived relatively simple lives, and things hadn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The fishing village is still there today, but Sri Racha now also has plenty of modern conveniences like department stores, fancy restaurants, and a Cineplex cinema.

In the past, the Thai coastline was dotted with hundreds of tiny fishing villages, and it would be hard to tell one from another just by visiting. Sri Racha probably didn’t stand out much visually from other similar villages, but it did have one unique selling point. The local people sold delicious seafood that was made even tastier thanks to their special recipe chilli sauce.

A Vietnamese immigrant made the sauce from Thailand popular

The amazing popularity of Sri Racha sauce internationally is credited not to a Thai but a Vietnamese immigrant. David Tran began selling Sri Racha sauce to Asian restaurants in San Francisco back in the eighties, and it was an instant hit. It is now made by Huy Fong Foods, and they sell about 20 million bottles of it every year.

Sri Racha Fishing Village

The old wooden piers that were the heart of the old village are still there today. There continues to be a significant population of people who make their living by fishing – a family tradition going back centuries. It is nice to visit the old part of the town, so you can enjoy the slower pace of life and imagine how things used to be in this part of the world.

Boat Building Sri Racha
Boat Building Sri Racha
Boat Building Sri Racha

Life in a Thai Fishing Village

The pace of life in a Thai fishing village can be slow for most of the day, with bursts of activity as the boats come in. The local markets can buy their seafood directly from the fishermen. Bargaining about price usually isn’t too fierce, because vendors and the boat owners are often neighbours or family.

The local people in Sri Racha have a long history of welcoming visitors, as this village has always been a stopping-off point on the way to the Koh Si Chang. The summer palace of Rama IV is on that island.

Fishing Village Sri Racha
Fishing Village Sri Racha
Fishing Village Sri Racha

Si Racha or Sri Racha?

The ‘Sri’ in Sri Racha comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Sree’ which means ‘holy’. In Thailand, it is pronounced as ‘si’ but still written as ‘Sri’. In Thai, it is common to write all loan words as they were originally pronounced, and this also explains why Suvarnabhumi airport is produced very differently (‘sawanaphum’) from how it is written in Roman letters. The word ‘Sri’ is often used in Thai for place names as well as surnames for the upper-class.

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