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Hong Kong Rehab

Are You Having Difficulties Finding a Suitable Hong Kong Rehab?

Hong Kong Rehab means finding a suitable alcohol or drug treatment program can be a crucial step for those of us hoping to break free of addiction. It isn’t just as simple as finding any facility with a vacancy though. In order for you to have the best chance of recovery, you need to find a Hong Kong rehab offering a program that matches your exact needs.

Hope Rehab Addiction Service in Hong Kong

Recently Hope Rehab has partnered with a well respected and established Therapist based in Hong Kong who works within a treatment service in Hong Kong. She also worked with us at Hope Rehab and completed an internship.

“there were 10,939 people seeking help for drug problems in Hong Kong in 2012”

According to the Central Registry for Drug Abuse (CRDA), there were 10,939 people seeking help for drug problems in Hong Kong in 2012. This statistic suggests a downward trend in addiction problems in recent years, but this might not necessarily be the case – it could just be that fewer individuals are coming to the notice of the CRDA. The percentage of Hong Kongers engaging in alcohol abuse is believed to be around 6.8 per cent, and it is likely that a significant number of these will eventually need some type of help in order to quit in a Hong Kong Rehab.

Hong Kong leads the world when it comes to technology, finance, and education. The healthcare services are excellent overall, and this is reflected in the fact that this region has one of the highest life expectancy rates (84.18 for both sexes) in the world. Unfortunately, this reputation for high quality healthcare does not apply when it comes to addiction services where there is a notable lack of options.

Honk Kong Rehab Options and Hong Kong Addiction Service

Caritas Hong Kong
• Barnabas Charitable Service Association
• Christian New Life
• Christian New Being Fellowship

Many of the Hong Kong rehab options are run by religious charities, and these programs may not be offering the best evidence-based treatments. The strong emphasis on religion in these approaches mean they are not going to be suitable for everyone.

Hong Kong Rehab

There are also some out-patient options available as well such as:

• Alcoholics Anonymous
• Narcotics Anonymous
• Saint John’s Counselling Services


Hong Kong Rehab – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Alternative to a Hong Kong Rehab

If you need to limit your options to what is available in Hong Kong, we hope you can find something suitable in the suggestions above. It is beyond the scope of this article to offer a definitive list of services, and there are hopefully going to be new options in the future, so we suggest you do further research so you can find something suitable.

There is going to be a much higher likelihood of finding appropriate addiction recovery services if you are willing to travel abroad. Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we offer a comprehensive program that includes a number of evidenced-based approaches to recovery including mindfulness therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step therapy, and wellness therapy.

The Hong Kongers who come to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand, will have usually exhausted their options back home. They will commonly regret that they hadn’t thought of going abroad sooner. Addiction treatment here in Thailand is much cheaper than other parts of the world, so it is the right option if you are looking for an affordable high quality program.

‘Having had the opportunity to have met Simon and Alon during my 3 and a half months of treatment, the only word that comes to mind is “GRATEFUL”. These wonderful people made me feel so loved and cared for during my treatment. Thanks to them I am today 6 months clean and still going strong. They didn’t give me a second chance in life, but a chance at a second life. Much Love, Phil HK’

Please contact us right away to find out more about this viable alternative to a Hong Kong rehab


contact-hope-rehab Hong Kong Rehab

Hong Kong Addiction Service

Hope Rehab Thailand is now affiliated with a Hong Kong Addiction Service. Hong Kong based therapists who are addiction counselors. The work within a specialist team based in Hong Kong providing a wide range of therapeutic services and support for locals and visitors to Hong Kong.

In particular they specialize in addiction treatment and works in association with Hope Rehab Thailand. The out patient clinic advices families and clients on the best options available.

List of services:

  • Working with adolescents and adults in one to one and group therapy
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Utilising the modalities of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, Positive
  • Psychology and Client Centered Therapy
  • Practicing Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques
  • General Conselling to support those with battleing with addiction,
  • on going support for addicts who are in recovery,
  • low mood, anxiety disorders and can also support more deeply rooted issues in conjunction with other therapies

Hong Kong Addiction Services at Hope Rehab

Hope Rehab treatment facility in Thailand is a special and exciting centre with a great track record, using a tried and tested program, CBT – Mindfulness – Steps – Fitness program.

“We find that coming to Thailand increases motivation”

We is set in beautiful private walled grounds overlooking the sea near the small pleasant city of Sriracha. We cater for a maximum of 16 clients at any one time. All our en-suite rooms are designed for spacious single occupancy with wifi access. We find that coming to Thailand increases motivation and often helps inspire people through their struggles.

The Program: We offer an all-inclusive service that equips you to make sustainable changes, build confidence and to take control of your life. Our intensive program includes:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • One-to-One Counseling
  • One-to-One Fitness
  • One-to-One Mindfulness coaching
  • Traditional Thai Massage therapy
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Sober-coaching
  • Weekend island trips
  • We have many qualified counselors, including female-only therapists from UK and USA to meet the needs of our international client base.

A typical day at HOPE is both fun and challenging at the same time. In addition to light comfortable casual clothing remember to bring trainers and gym kit. Mornings include exercise ranging from walking, jogging, cycling, cardio-vascular to Thai-boxing and swimming. You will also need relaxed loose fitting clothing for yoga and meditation that breaks up the therapeutic day and puts you at ease for the afternoon’s 1:1 counseling, fitness, and massage. Recovery coaching is throughout the week when you’ll be going out for various activities, including eating out.

“A typical day at HOPE is both fun and challenging”

Aftercare: On completion of treatment you will receive an in-depth aftercare and relapse prevention plan. This includes ongoing email support from your counsellor and telephone or Skype sessions. Wherever you are in the world, you will always be part of the HOPE family.

Hong Kong Rehab by Simon