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Fee and his friends from Pattani NA in Southern Thailand – Hope offers them internships and apprenticeships so they can help develop the 12 step movement in Thailand.

Fee started at Hope as our first Thai Recovering addict peer intern, he trained at Hope to be a counsellor and support worker. Fee graduated from Thanyarak Pattani Rehab center after spending 4 months in treatment. He is now a pioneer of Narcotics anonymous in Southern Thailand. He is a wonderful and helpful person to have on the team, taking care of all the clients needs.

Born in Narathiwat 22 years old (south of thailand) and was a norml kid going to school till the age of 12. At the age of thirteen, started to use drugs. (cough syrup). It only took two years for this to progress into heroine use at the age of 15 and also stopped attending school. For the next two years just used drugs until being arrested for drug use at the age of 17. He then spent 4 months in thanyarak pattani ( treatment center). On returning home, he did not stop using drugs and continued to do so for another two years. Finally, the family intervened and called the police. Ludfee spent 4 months in jail having to come off heroine alone detoxing off heroine in his jail cell. On his release, ludfee went back to thanyarak . It so happened that narcotics anonymous was there making a presentation of the na recovery program. That was where fee first heard that there is hope and a way out. Since then, fee has been a regular attendee at na meetings, is working the 12 steps with an na sponsor by phone. Fee has also participated in carrying the message of recovery in thailand speaking to addicts, professional and involved in the na fellowship and activities. Fee has recently been invited to work at hope as a trainee client support staff and is fast picking up the englsh language. He has just recently celebrated two years of clean time.