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Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Help in Bhutan – Hope Rehab

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Help in Bhutan

Bhutan takshang monastery temple

Bhutan “Land of the thunder dragon”

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Help in Bhutan has become widespread – The Kingdom of Bhutan is sandwiched between Tibet, China, Nepal and India high in the eastern Himalayan Mountains. Bhutan is a Buddhist country with a small population of 708,427. Bhutan has had a policy of isolationism and protectionism, trying to protect their people from negative western influences such as substance abuse however the inevitable is happening, and Addiction problems are now an issue.

To increase trade with India, Bhutan has opened their borders and as a result are vulnerable to drug trafficking. Drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise particularly amphetamines as is the trend in most of Asia. Alcohol use has been long a growing pastime in Bhutanese society, and a recent study has shown that Alcohol abuse is now reported in some 80% of domestic violence cases. Traditionally Bhutanese families brew their own rice-based liquor. Bhutan’s Health Secretary has stated that alcohol is one of the biggest killers in the country.

Bhutan Addiction and Alcoholism Help – Options Beyond Bhutan

An inpatient treatment program may offer you the best hope of recovery from addiction. Bhutan addiction and alcoholism Help and rehab in Bhutan is fairly limited at the moment, although this is changing as Hope Rehab is developing a close association with the only rehab in Bhutan. This situation is improving, and there are some deeply passionate individuals helping addicts with the limited resources they have.

The United Nations in Bhutan website has this to say:

The 2015 Drug Free Campaign in Bhutan, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency (BNCA) are setting up a harm reduction service at the military hospital in Thimphu. The service will treat and prescribe for Opiate addicts and Alcoholics.

For rehab leaving the country would make sense if you want this problem dealt with anonymously (e.g. you are a business person, and you worry that news of your substance abuse problem could damage your reputation).

Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Rehab has helped many Bhutanese people in the past so if you are prepared to travel abroad for help; we would like you to come to us at Hope Rehab Thailand. We will provide you with an international standard program that incorporates the best evidence-based treatments (e.g. Cognitive-based therapy, Wellness therapy, and 12 -Step work) and from the west alongside Buddhist-influenced therapies including mindfulness (see below).

Clients come to Hope Rehab from every corner of the globe (including Bhutan). Our reputation as an international rehab is regularly mentioned in the media – most recently we were featured in an Australian television documentary on SBS. We credit our success as due to:

Hope Rehab – great value for your money

We understand that financing rehab is going to be a major concern for many of our clients. This is a major investment, and we recommend you view it as such – you are investing in your own future. The program at Hope is competitively priced, and it is probably going to be much cheaper than going to a similar facility elsewhere in the world.

Hope Mindful Compassion Program

The Hope Mindful Compassion is secular in nature (i.e. you don’t have to believe in any particular religion/philosophy to benefit from it), but it is obviously heavily influenced by Buddhism. The goal of this therapy is to teach you to become ‘comfortable in your own skin’, so you no longer feel the need to avoid life through substance abuse or other maladaptive behaviours.

The goals of the Hope Mindful Compassion program can be summarized as follows:

The Hope Mindful Compassion program also provides you with tools for dealing with:

Rehab in Bhutan – Organisations in Bhutan helping people with addiction

REWA (the Dzongkha word meaning Hope) This organization is a non–profit centre established under the umbrella of the Youth Development Fund to assist people with chemically dependency problems and operates the only government registered Rehab in Bhutan. Loday Zangpo is the Rehab Manager and is liaising with Simon Mott the founder of Hope Rehab to provide training and support for his counsellors in Bhutan.

Rehab in Bhutan

The Rehab in Bhutan for Drugs and Alcohol is in Serbethang, Thimphu has peer counsellors guiding the clients and experts helping them out. The peer counsellors are all recovered addicts. The daily timetable starts and ends with a prayer. In between, there are different activities including meal times, groups, counselling, socialising and reflection. The ground floor of the structure houses dormitories for the patients and counsellors, offices and a medical room. The first floor is where the patients spend most of their time in one of the counselling rooms.

The Rehab in Bhutan has the capacity to cater for 16 male and eight female clients currently, however, will launch a new rehab that will cater to 40 male and 20 female clients. The treatment center was started by Youth Development Fund in close association with BNCA. It is funded by the UNODC, UNICEF, and the government of Bhutan. The location is an interim one; it will move later where a larger facility will open with 40 – 60 beds.

Self-help groups in Bhutan – Bhutan Addiction and Alcoholism Help

Cithuen Phendhey is a self-help group for drug and alcohol ex-users, made up of recovering addicts and alcoholics. The Self Help group is a member of the Bhutan Support Group. Cithuen Phendhey operates a small drop-in center in Thimphu where AA and NA meetings are held trice per week.

Bhutan Addiction and Alcoholism Help

Twelve Step groups have been developing in Bhutan. The offices of both AA and NA are in Tshongdue, Paro. Regular A.A. and N.A. meetings are available in both English and native languages. The Asia Pacific Forum of Narcotics Anonymous supports and encourages member states to expand the service, including Thailand and Bhutan. Bhutan is currently experiencing a significant growth of NA meetings.

NA meetings in Bhutan

NA groups have emerged in Bhutan alongside the AA community, and a local treatment facility has provided information and meeting space, to foster its growth. The Bhutan NA community has received donated literature from NA World Services. NA Helpline Bhutan number: +975 7730 3072

FMG-Opposite old taki parking:

Sunday at 6-7 pm
Wednesday at 6-7 pm
Saturday at 6-7.30 pm

Survival– Drop-in-centre;

Monday at 5-6 pm
Friday at 5-6pm

Clean and Sober– Salsa Fiesta Restuarant-Etho Metho Plaza;

Thursday at 5.30-6.30pm

RTC Survivors – RTC college;

Tuesday at 5-6 pm
Thursday at 5-6pm

GoodWill -Chithuen Phenday Association DIC, Paro;

Tuesday at 5-6 pm
Friday at 5-6 pm
Sunday at 5-6 pm

Still Growing-Peljorling Hotel, Paro;

Wednesday at 5-6 pm
Saturday at 5-6 pm

AA meetings in Bhutan

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share experience, strength and hope with each other to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

The Asia Oceania Region of Alcoholics Anonymous Service structure AOSM

The Asia Oceania Service Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous provides a forum for members to share the experience of the countries they represent. They also help new members with literature and guidance.

Thimphu Group, Recreation Hall, Psychiatry Ward, JDWNRH, Thimpu

Tuesday 5.30 pm & 7.00am
Thursday 5.30 pm & 7.00 am
Saturday 6.30 pm


Tshewang T.

00975 17670644

Tsheten D.


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