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Crystal Meth Addiction Mindfulness Treatment

by Hope Rehab Team

Hope Rehab Crystal Meth Addiction Mindfulness Treatment

The methamphetamine treatment program at Hope Rehab Thailand is attracting increasing international media attention – most recently it was featured in the Australian documentary show Dateline. Our philosophy for treating addiction is to make use of the best evidence-based approaches available, and this is why we include mindfulness as part of our program.

Benefits of Our Crystal Meth Addiction Mindfulness Treatment Program

Before we go into details about what our methamphetamine addiction mindfulness rehab program actually involves, it might be a good idea to explain how it might benefit you:

• It is an effective tool for dealing with cravings (urge surfing)

• It helps you to become more comfortable in your own skin (it is this discomfort that often drives people to abuse drugs in the first place)

• It teaches you to have a better relationship with thoughts and emotions

• Mindfulness has been shown to be effective in the management of anxiety, depression, and other negative mental states

• It helps you develop self-compassion (the ability to be with your pain) – this is vital because addiction is all about trying to avoid discomfort

• It helps improve your relationships with other people

• Mindfulness increases positivity and reduces negativity

• It can lead to a level of mental peace that means you never feel the need to turn to drugs like methamphetamine again

How Does Hope Rehab Crystal Meth Addiction Mindfulness Treatment Work?

One way to describe mindfulness would be to say that it is about learning to focus on this present moment in an accepting way. The way we do this is by beginning to live more from our bodies, where we engage more closely with reality rather than being caught up in the stories in our heads. The Hope mindfulness program also emphasizes compassion as it is lack of compassion for ourselves that means we so easily get caught up in negativity, worries, and concerns.

There are different techniques we can use to develop our ability to be more mindful. The most popular way of doing this is through meditation but we can also use physical movement such as tai-chi, yoga, and walking. Our program is designed with the complete beginner in mind, so you don’t have to worry about being thrown in the deep end. It is usual for clients to have problems with concentration due to withdrawal symptoms, and this is taken into account by gently easing you into these practices.

The Hope Ice Addiction Mindfulness program is divided into three levels. The focus of the first level is on developing techniques that will allow us have a better relationship with our thoughts and feelings. In level two, we use learn to use mindfulness to improve our relationship with the world and other people. The final level focuses on how we can make mindfulness an ongoing part of our lives.

You will find out more information about the Hope Crystal Meth Addiction Mindfulness treatment program elsewhere on the website and by reading our blog. We also invite you to contact us right away for more information.


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