Compare Thai Rehabs is Not a Genuine Review Website

If you come across a review website CompareThaiRehab listing Thai rehabs, it is owned and operated by a commercial rehab in Thailand. Hope does not partake is such deceptive practices.

The Reason You Won’t Find Us  on Compare Thai Rehabs

This site “comparethairehabs” has been set-up by a certain Rehab in Chiang Mai. Its a bogus website run by?? no prizes for guessing who….. they have listed themselves as number one. Hope Rehab forced them to remove us because ethically and legally a Rehab in Thailand should not be putting up negative information about competitors just to direct custom to their rehab. They have also presented the site to look official which it is not. The fake compare thai rehab site is operated by the marketing director, of what happens to be the most expensive rehab in Thailand, and it is a subtle put down on all other Rehabs in Thailand. Their fake ranking system does not include us because they had put mis-information about us on the site because intruth we rank around number one and that is not good for their business.

How to really Compare Thai Rehabs

Searching for the best Rehab in Thailand requires careful consideration: Thailand is one of the worlds most popular destinations, being famous for its service minded people, food, climate and Buddhist society. Now Thailand is renowned for its accessible Rehab treatment facilities. Hope Rehab has never had a bad review and will protect our reputation at all costs.

Hope has received global and professional recognition since opening and you will find many media articles written about us, so please investigate before booking. We beleive Hope Rehab ranks at the top of list of Rehabs in Thailand if not in the world. Since opening our aim has been to create a high quality service together with a financially accessible service. Hope rehab is incredible value for the intensive, effective treatment you will receive.

Compare Thai Rehabs – Hope Rehab

  • *clients are allowed to visit town but only when supervised by staff
  • *all hope staff are trained professions and in recovery themselves
  • *all our rooms are new spacious single occupancy purpose build ensuite
  • *we have our completion rates on our statistics page
  • * Psychiatric assessment for dual-diagnosis – we use local private hospital
  • *Home-country aftercare counseling – we have local counsellors and groups
  • *Family program- we have a family involvement program
  • * Adolescent program – we treat over 18 year olds
  • *Sober living program – we have a sober living house & program
  • *Psychologist on site – we have a psychologist on the team

We urge you to check out our website and speak to us and do not make a final decision off the back of Compare Thai

Thailand’s Top Rehab

Compare Thai Rehabs – Hope Rehab Center Thailand 

Hope Rehab wishes to remain a humble, under stated and a high quality centre catering for a manageable and healthy number of clients at anyone time. 18 clients is a comfortable number of people to share your experience with.

Hope Rehab is unique and stands alone in Thailand: Founded by addicts for addicts with a fee structure that allows people to access the help they need. We have a fun and exciting progressive treatment program unequalled by any other Rehab in Thailand. Some of what we offer

Hope Program

  1. CBT approach
  2. Dual-diagnosis
  3. 12 steps techniques
  4. One-on-one counseling
  5. Group therapy sessions
  6. Aftercare group and online aftercare
  7. Trauma counseling
  8. All addictions program
  9. Family involvement
  10. Adolescent program
  11. Sober living House
  12. Personal training sessions
  13. Fitness actives
  14. Mindfulness meditation
  15. Weekly excursions

Hope Facility

  1. Costal location
  2. Large private site
  3. Interesting locality
  4. Private accommodation ensuite
  5. Swimming pool
  6. Fitness centre  indoor and out
  7. On-site security
  8. Nearest to Bangkok airport

Hope Medical Care

  1. UK nurse on team
  2. Local private hospital nearby
  3. On-site detox
  4. Work with local Psychiatrist
  5. Psychologist on site

Compare Thai Rehabs – Which One is Right for You?

Choosing a rehab can be a confusing business. These facilities will all be eager to get your attention, so how do you separate the advertising gimmicks from the information you need to make an informed choice? Ideally, you want to find unbiased reviews, but can you be sure such the review you are reading is unbiased?

Rehab Review Websites: – Can You Trust Comparison Websites When Choosing a Thai Rehab?

It is easy to understand the appeal of rehab comparison websites. Why would you go to all the trouble of researching rehabs individually when an online source claims to do this for you?

If you are able to assess all of your Thai rehab options in one place, it is going to save you time and be more convenient. The problem is that for comparison websites to be of real value, they need provide unbiased information – unfortunately, most of them don’t fit this criteria.

There are good reasons to be cautious about trusting the information provided by rehab comparison websites such as:

• It is easy for a rehab to create a comparison website that flatters their own facility while sowing doubt about the services provided by their competition – it only costs a few dollars to buy a domain name (e.g. – not a real website yet!) and then use this as a promotional tool.

• Many comparison websites make money through referrals or clicks (e.g. they make money if you book a stay in rehab using a link on their website). This means they are going to heavily promote the facilities that offer the highest referral bonus – unfortunately, it is too often the worst services that offer the highest rewards to comparison websites as they are the most desperate for referrals.

• You may end up paying more for an addiction treatment center by going through one of these websites as some will add on their commission to the overall cost.

• Even the most ethical rehab comparison websites are going to be biased by the views and opinions of the content providers. Do you really want to decide your future based on the views of a stranger?

Should You Trust Compare Thai Rehabs Sites?

Given that anyone can create a rehab comparison website, and there is money to be made by doing so, it is probably best to take any information you find on them with a large pinch of salt. You will certainly want to be cautious if one rehab in particular is receiving glowing reviews. Bottom line – if you can’t be sure of the source of the review, your best bet may be to ignore it.


How to Effectively Compare Thai Rehabs

Choosing a rehab may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. This is because it is by combining your determination to quit addiction with the right resources and environment that you have the greatest chance to succeed. If you rely too much on a biased rehab comparison website, you risk choosing something that isn’t appropriate for you.

Here are some tips for more effectively comparing Thai rehabs:

• Do check out the website of the various rehabs but try to ignore the any obvious sales gimmicks – look out for genuineness.

• Trust your intuition.

• Speak directly to the team at the rehab to get a sense of what they are about (this can be far more informative than their website)

• Try to determine what you need from the rehab beforehand (e.g. holistic approach and strong aftercare program) and use this to guide your research

At Hope rehab Thailand, we don’t depend on gimmicks or paid affiliates to get your attention. If you would like to find out more about what we offer, just contact us for an honest chat.

Compare Thai Rehabs by Hope