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Client policies and boundaries

Boundaries and Expectations

“It’s the spirit of the law not just the letter of the law”

Substance use:

There is zero tolerance for use of any mood altering substances. Any contravention of this policy will in all cases result in immediate termination of treatment. The policy includes:

Drug testing: Clients will be urine and breath tested regularly to ensure compliance with our substance use policy. All clients are expected to comply with tests when asked.

General House Rules:

Smoking Policy:


It is strictly forbidden for residents to allow any persons access to the property at any time without permission.


There is an expectation for clients to get up before 8 am. To achieve that, we recommend keeping a healthy sleep pattern. Our curfews will support and help you with that:

Week days:

In bed by 10.00 pm – TV and music off by 11.00 pm.


In bed by 11.00 pm – TV and music off by 12.00 am.

Meal Times:

It is strictly forbidden for residents to allow any persons access to the property at any time without permission.


Inspections: We reserve the right to unobstructed access at all times. Random room inspections will be conducted.


Local Boundaries:


Program Compliance:

Personal Healthcare:

Travel and Transport:

Internet, Phones & Media Facilities:

If you consistently show no respect for our boundaries then you maybe given a verbal or written warning as a second chance to stay. The warning policy is to be discussed with the team if necessary.

Confidentiality Policy

Hope Rehab operates a strict confidentiality policy. Your records, both oral and written, will be kept in confidence, according to standards set down in UK and US legislation.

This policy is designed to provide a maximum amount of trust between clients and staff. Any information given to staff by clients is never passed on to other clients. However, clients should note that any disclosure to a member of the clinical team may be handed over to another member of the clinical team, as this is designed to provide clients with a holistic care approach, ensuring continued care.

There are a few important exceptions to when counsellors may be required to break confidentiality:

Client Confidentiality Expectations

Clients are expected to respect the confidentiality of other clients in treatment at all times. We do not allow photographs to be taken of other clients. Do not post photographs or any other type of information about other clients on Facebook or other social media websites under any circumstances. Gossiping about other clients can also be very harmful to the therapeutic community, so please refrain from doing so.

Relapse Policy

Hope Rehab is an abstinence-based program. It is of the utmost importance that our facility remains completely free of drugs and alcohol, and that no clients involved in our program become exposed to persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time.

If you have used drugs or alcohol in the last 24 hours, we ask that you let us know now. If so, we will ask that you remain in your room for the first day and night of your stay.

The consumption / possession of alcohol, illegal drugs and other psychoactive drugs, as well as certain prescribed medications are not permitted on the premises. The only exception to this rule is prescribed medications which have been cleared by the team and dispensed by our staff. Should you relapse while at Hope Rehab it will be at the discretion of the counsellors and the team whether to discharge you or work with a relapse prevention contract. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Family Involvement

Research data has overwhelmingly shown that individuals recovering from addiction through participation in a treatment program have a much higher success rate when family members and loved ones are involved in the process, aware of what is going on, and educated as to how they can help their loved one to recover. To this end, we ask that all clients entering our treatment program allow us to involve those closest to them in the treatment process. We will keep these individuals apprised of your progress, and coordinate with them to ensure your maximum potential for success. We also ask for family feedback to help your treatment process.

Basic Conditions of Treatment

If you have any questions regarding the boundaries and expectations or about the propram and treatment at Hope Rehab, please feel welcome to message us via the contact form below.