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Chiang Mai by Love Krittaya (Wikimedia Commons)

Are You Looking for a Chiang Mai Rehab?

Chiang Mai welcomes over 14 million visitors each year making it one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. The city has also built up a reputation as a good place to go for high quality hospital treatments – these usually cost far less than they would in the west. An important trigger for this boom in medical tourism to Northern Thailand is the availability of Chiang Mai rehabs offering programs for those of us trying to escape addiction.

Clients who have managed to overcome their alcohol or drug problems here in Thailand are a great advertisement for what our facilities have to offer. Much of the success of Chiang Mai rehabs is as a direct result of happy ex-clients spreading the word. Perhaps, you have heard about the possibility of affordable addiction treatment in Thailand from an acquaintance like this? If so, this person can offer you some useful insights into how easy it can be to come here for treatment.

The Cabin is the most well-known rehab in Northern Thailand. This facility spends a small fortune on advertising, so you will certainly see the name pop up if you do a search for a rehab in Chiang Mai. The Cabin is certainly a  facility, but don’t be swayed by their promotional efforts into thinking it is the only option – it certainly isn’t. Chiang Mai is also not the only place in Thailand where you will find addiction rehab facilities – in fact, we want to try to convince you that you might be better off going somewhere else other than Chiang Mai Rehab.

Link between Hope Rehab and Chiang Mai Rehab

Hope Rehab was founded in 2013 by Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad who both had worked at The Cabin in Chiang Mai for many years. Simon was the head counsellor there, and he played a key role in its growth from a small facility to an international treatment center. Alon worked there as a meditation and fitness instructor. Darren and Hank are two other members of the Hope team who have previously worked at The Cabin.

Hope Rehab is not in Chiang Mai, we are on the coast about an hour from Bangkok!!

Simon Mott realised during his time at The Cabin in Chiang Mai (the only Chiang Mai rehab) that there was a strong demand for a new rehab facility in Thailand. During his many years as a therapist and rehab manager, he developed his own ideas about what a program should offer, and with the opening of Hope, he was able to turn these ideas into reality.

Chiang Mai Rehab

Some great photo’s of Hope Rehab taken by our Volunteer Luuk…

Hope Rehab Sri Racha Might be a Better Option than a Chiang Mai Rehab

Sri Racha is steadily gaining ground on Chiang Mai as the place to go in Thailand for addiction treatment. Here are just some of the reasons for why it might be a better option for you:

  • Our community is relatively small and you will be treated like an individual
  • We offer a comprehensive mindfulness program that includes one-to-one mindfulness coaching
  • Our unique recovery coaching program allows you to reintegrate back into the real world safely
  • We focus on evidenced-based approaches such as CBT, 12 Step work, and wellness therapy
  • Our aftercare program provides plenty of support for when you return home – you also have the option of staying at our second-stage facility following rehab
  • Our facility is right beside the sea – Chiang Mai is over 770km from the sea!
  • Our treatment program is great value for money


newly built aicon Gym and our DC3

Chiang Mai Rehab by Simon